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HEIDELBERG PM 52-2 + Version Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Stock-No.: 1119-10764 Type of machine: 2 colour / units Make: HEIDELBERG Type: PM 52-2 + Version Year of manufacture: 2007 Type of control: CP-Tronic Storage location: in Produktion C...
Hamada B452 Mark II Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Impression - about 17 mio; Straight 4+0; Max sheet size - 365 x 520 mm; Min sheet size - 182 x 257 mm; Sheet thickness - 0.04 - 0.4 mm; CIP3 + PC; Console - ink control; EPS system;...
Heidelberg CD 102 5-L 2007 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Heidelberg CD 102 5-L Year: 2007 Equipped with: Alcohol Dampening with Recirculation Unit and refrigeration Alcolor film dampening Pre Set Plus Feeder Autoplate IR dryer Grafix...
Heidelberg SM XL 105 5 LX(2) Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Year 2007 - Max size 750×1050 mm – Complete of: Press Center InpressControl Alcolor Dampening Ink Temperature Control Auto Washes Auto Ink Roller Wash Auto Blanket Wash Auto Impressio...
Heidelberg SM 52-2 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Ref. 4148 - Heidelberg SM 52-2 Age 2007. 2 Color Straight Press Max. Size: 370 x 520 mm Autoplate Alcolor Continuous Dampening Powder Spryer Chromed Impression Cylinders 34 Millions o...
Komori Lithrone LS-429 + CX (M) Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Komorimatic with Technotrans Alpha D + Alcosmart, PQC-SII, PDS-II, S-APC, KMS IV, KHS, all washing devices, Quick Start, suction feeder, anti-static, Grafix Digitronic powder device, anti-gh...
Heidelberg PM 74-2-P Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Max. size: 520 x 740 mm; Impres. 129 mio; Print : 2/0 or 1/1 Easy-plate: Heidelberg Plate Clamping System with automatic positioning; Standard low pile Delivery; Classic Center - remot...
Heidelberg CD 74 - 5 + L X  -  2007 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Heidelberg CD 74 - 5 + L X - 2007 ONLY 73 mio imp. - 5 colours + coater offset press of size 53 x 74 cm CP 2000 Press Center- COATING UNIT with chambered doctor blade and Anilox Ro...
Komori LS 440+HC, 2007 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
KOMORI LS 440+HC, 2007 4 colors 720X1030 + varnish. Year : 2007. Revolutions : 112 Mio. Equipped with : - PDC SII, color control. - PQC + KMS4 + CIP3 connection. - KHS. - IVT Baldwin...
Komori LS640+CX - Series 45 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade Komorimatic dampening system – with Delta-effect Full-APC PDC-SII for closed loop scannin...
Heidelberg SM 52-5+LX 2007 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Heidelberg SM 52- 5+ LX - 2007 70 mio imp. - 5 colours + Coater Offset Press of size 37 x 52 cm equipped with: Coating Unit - High Pile Extended Delivery - Infra Red Dryer - AUTO...
Ryobi 524 HE Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
PCS-J Off Press Ink & Register Control Ryobimatic Dampening Powder Sprayer Technotrans Alpha D. Cooling Device SAPC Semi -Automatic Plate Change Automatic Blanket Washing Device Automa...
Komori Lithrone LS 529 EH Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Size 52 x 74 cm, PQC, AMR, KHS, PDC-S, Komorimatic dampening, Semi Autoplate, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Jac de Vries IR dryer, Powderspray, High pile delivery
Heidelberg SM 52-5+L, now price reduced for a quick decision, EUR 78.000,00 net loaded on truck Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Heidelberg suctionfeeder electron. pull lay control Prinect CP 2000 console for Ink Remote control anicolor dampening system Alcolor Vario Technotrans Combistar ink temperature AutoPla...
Ryobi 525GX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Ryobi 525GX Age 2007 Circa 46 miilion impressions PCS-H PDSE Impression and pull guide preset Semi-RPC Ryobi-matic Technotrans Alpha d Auto wash Powder spray High pile d...
Heidelberg Speedmaster 74-4-H + LX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
2007 - Heidelberg Speedmaster 74-4-H + LX (Ref.No. 1001651) Counter: 165 mio 520 x 740 mm / 20.47 x 29.13 inches Colors: 4 + Coating unit De...
KBA Performa 66 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
MAN ROLAND R 706 3B TLV UV HiPrint Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
6 Colour Straight + Coater Roland Deltamatic Dampening RCI: Remote Control Desk Colorpilot Densitometer PPL Semi-Automatic Plate Change 1st Printing Unit with UV dryer (but no Interdec...
Shinohara 52-4P Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Impres. 35 mio; Max paper size: 370 x 520 mm; Smallest size: 182 x 210 mm; Image area: 350 x 510 mm; Plate size: 400 x 510 mm; Stock thickness: 0.04 - 0.30 mm; Perfecting between unit:...
Heidelberg SM 74-5H Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
CP2000; AXIS control; Alcolor dampening units with Technotrans BETA.C combistar; AlcoSmart AZR; VARIO; Autom. wash-up devices for inking rollers; Autom. wash-up devices for blanket and...
Shinohara 75V Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Autoplate, touch screen controls, medium pile delivery, presets in feeder and delivery. Straight press, no perfector. $62,500 USD Ref. #90736 Graphtek Services, Inc. 1-412-341-2724 (USA...

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