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Heidelberg SM XL 162 4 LX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
2009 HEIDELBERG SM XL 162 4LX Prinect Inpress Control Prinect Press Center DryStar Advanced - Software for drying systems DryStar Coating - IR and hot air dryer Water cooled peripherals...
Heidelberg SM XL 145 5 LX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
2009 Heidelberg XL 145 5 LX straight printing Max. sheet size - 41.73” x 57.09” Min. sheet size - 24.02” x 33.86” Max. print format - 40.94” x 57.09” Thickness 0.06 mm - 1.60 mm / 0.0...
Ryobi 754 Wide SW UV-Coater 2009 — only 2 mio prints Like New!!– Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Ryobi 754 Wide UV -Coater Production year 2009 Like New!! ca. 2 Mio prints !!! Ready for testprint !! Printing speed 15.000 Hrs Paper size 788 x 600 mm (31.02″ x 23.62″) Automatic bl...
KBA Rapida 106-8 SW4 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Simultaneous plate change Qualitronic SW Color Control with Live View Densitronic Professional Ergotronic Professional Intercom System Camera inspection system SIS feeder FAPC Varida...
Heidelberg XL105 6 P+LX3 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Prinect PressCenter, Press Center MasterLevel, Press Center WallScren, Press Center Instant Gate, Prinect Inpress Control, Preset Pus Feeder, Ultrasonic double-sheet control, StaticStar Comp...
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52 5 Anicolor Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
5 Colour Anicolor with coater in good condition
Ryobi 924 + L Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
coater tower PDS-E Densitometer PCS-H colour and register remote control Ryobimatic damping with Technotrans circulation and refrigeration S-APC semi-automatic wash-up devices automat...
Category: Coaters/UV Coaters
Interdeck and End of Press IST UV Drying System 3 x Single Interdeck Lamps 1 x 3 Lamp End Of Press Cassette
Komori LITHRONE LS 40 5 CX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
PCC (Software) : CIP3/PPF converter for PQC format to trasfer directly ink profile from pre-press to press, PQC: console for ink, axial, circumferential diagonal remote control, AMR (Automat...
Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 5P3LX2 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Heidelberg Speedmaster 102-5P3LX2, year 2009 720x1020 mm (28x40"), approx. 102 mio. impr. Prinect Press Center AxisControl Alcolor Autoplate Preset Plus feeder and delivery Ink-unit t...
Heidelberg XL 105-6-P+L(X3) Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
approx. 265 million impressions, Press Center InpressControl, WallScreen, Autoplate XL simultaneous plae change, chamber ductor blade system, CombiStar dampening circulation and cooling wat...
 Komori  Lithrone LS429+C (M) Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
SAPC - Semi Automatic Plate Changing AMR - Automatic Make Ready PQC-S PDC Lite Transfer Cylinder Cocking Komorimatic Dampening Auto Ink Roller Wash Auto Blanket Wash Auto Impression...
Komori Lithrone LS 429+C (M) Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
PQC-S Off Press Controls X-rite - Closed Loop Colour Management AMR - Auto Make-Ready Komorimatic Dampening Technotrans alpha.d Recirculation Unit Semi Auto Plate Changing Transfer Cyl...
Komori LS 429 HC Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Impressions: 60 Mio Size: 53 x 75 cm Available: in stock
Heidelberg SM74-5+L Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Prinect Press Centre Wallscreen Axis Control Auto Plate Alcolor Vario Combistar Technotrans refrigeration Auto Blanket Wash Auto Impression Cylinder Wash Auto Ink roller wash ultra...
Ryobi 924+C Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Ref. 4045 - Ryobi 924+L Age 2009. 4 color straight press + coater Max paper size: 920 x 640mm (36.22" X 25.20") Coating Unit with Anilox Doctor Blade Coater Ryobimatic-D: Alcohol Dampeni...
Heidelberg SM 52-5 +LX Anicolor Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Printec Press Center Heidelberg Suction feeder Heidelberg Autoplate with Heidelberg Register System Autom. Blanket sheet wash up device Autom. Impression cylinder wash up device Au...
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74-2-P with Prinect Press Center Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Prinect Press Center with Remote Control of Ink Zones, Ink Fountain Roller as well lateral, circumferential and diagonal Register, with Job Memory Card and Touch Screen ALCOLOR damping wit...
Komori Lithrone LS640H+LX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
6 colour straight machine with coater and extended delivery KMS IV AMR Preset Skeleton cylinders APC automatic plate change Komorimatic + Technotrans Beta c. Combi Ink temperature con...
KBA RA 205 5L TT CX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Varidamp Special format for packaging, Full APC, Varidamp, Ergotronic console, ACR Control, Antistatic device, Preset, Diagonal register, Auto blanket wash, Technotrans combi cooling device...
Roland R706-P 2/4 Hiprint Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Smart In-Line Anilox Coater PU/6 RCI Telepresence Presspilot In Line Observer De-Clutching Inking on all units APL Cardboard guide Airglide Delivery quickchange job Deltamatic damp...

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