Used Postpress / Bindery machines

KöRa machine for postscard packing Packing machines
Category: Packing machines
This machines collect post cards / Christmas cards, envelopes, etc. VIDEO on YouTube: The collected cards/envelopes is then moved to a film packing device...
Polar P 155 EMC Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
machine refurbished computer cutting programmes digital display 6-channel light guards two hand safety cutting optical cutting line indication air table slot cover at back table side...
MULLER MARTINI   1982  3001 Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
Hand feed, cold glue, 2 x end sheet papering, spine calibrator, infeed to binder, 25 clamps, hotmelt spine glue, hotmelt side gluegauzing/lining station, pressing, delivery to IR Drying to...
Muller Martini E6/50 feeders Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
2 x Muller Martini E650/888 section feeders for a MM 221 /235 saddle stitcher- EUR 4,000 each