Used Postpress / Bindery machines

Horizon VAC 100 Collators
Category: Collators
collating line HORIZON of 2001 with 1 tower VAC-100a n°020038 & 1 tower VAC-100m n°018312, each 10-bin rotary feed air-suction collatorwith Touch screen control console (black & white displa...
Kolbus KM 470/21 Perfect Binders
Category: Perfect Binders
• KOLBUS KM 470/21. 2001 Nr 349 • With 12 semi-automatic Top-loading feeders type ZU 804 2 hand feeding station, • transfer element to Kolbus KM type 470 binder with 21 clamps, • Co-p...
Category: Pile turner / elevator
Steel plate clamps Aerator Jogging device Compressor 75 x105 cms
Heidelberg KD 78/4 KTL Folding machines
Category: Folding machines
STAHL HDB KD 78/4 KTL , 2001, NO. 704859 32 pages, Round pile feeder, Noise hood 4 folding buckles, KTL side Buckle 2 folding knives, VZF 4th fold unit SBP 46 press delivery V...
Horizon BQ-260 Perfect Binders
Category: Perfect Binders
hot melt book binder, one clamp, milling device, autom. cover feeder, delivery, 400.000 bindings only!
Müller Martini Prima / Amrys Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
Mueller Martini prima Amrys year 2001, 15642hours 5 feeders 370 1 coverfeeder 1529 1 cardgluer Trimmer 361 Streamdelivery
Polar 115 E  Guillotine Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
Colour screen Extended left & right air tables Air bed Spare knife Manuals
2001 HEIDELBERG STAHL TI52-4.4.X  Folding machines
Category: Folding machines
2001 HEIDELBERG STAHL TI52-4.4.X 16 Page Machine, Flat Pile Feeder + Tremat Head, Sound Hoods, Air Compressor,Mobile Delivery G10288
 Muller Martini  CORONA CC12 Perfect Binders
Category: Perfect Binders
Ref:10065 . 2001 Muller Martini ‘Corona CC-12’ High Speed Perfect Binder. Comprising: 15 x 3695/24" Top-loading feeders with ASAC 3614 downstream shut-...
MÜLLER MARTINI ONYX 6287 Accessories
Category: Accessories
Inserting Machine: - hopper feeder 289.0400 (year 1997) - main product feeder - 6 inserting stations with feeder conveyor at first inserting station - double and missfeed control -...
Wohlenberg 115 Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
Max. cut width: 1150 mm Spare knife: 1 Standard guillotine <> Airtable left site <> Airtable right site <> Photocells <> Programm <> Chromed airtable <> Color Monitor
Mueller Martini Presto Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
Max. size untrimmed (man.fed): 365x305 mm Max. size untrimmed (auto fed): 365x305 mm Max. size trimmed with Lap: 365x300 mm Min.size trimmed (standard): 100x145 mm Pages per feeder: 9.00...
HEIDELBERG KD.2-66/4 KZ-FD-T Folding machines
Category: Folding machines
· Folding knife: 3x · 6 buckle plate · Delivery: SA-78-K.S1
Muller Presto Collator, Stitcher, Trimmer Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
6 model 1551 pockets year 2001, 2000 model 1528 cover feeder, 2001 model 1522 three knife trimmer.
Duplo 660 PFI guillotine  Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
DUPLO 660 PFI (Maximum cutting width of 66 cm) YEAR CIRCA 2001 (serial no 660107) SINGLE PHASE (240v) # ELECTRIC CLAMP / BACK GAUGE / KNIFE DIGITAL SCALE # SAFETY GUARD # TWO SIDE...
Horizon VAC-100a Collators
Category: Collators
3 MONTHS LA-POSTPRESS WARRANTY except electronics offer consists of: - air suction collator VAC-100a Horizon VAC-100a air-suction collators - technology: touch & work - mode...
Wohlenberg Quickbinder with PUR Perfect Binders
Category: Perfect Binders
Wohlenberg Quickbinder Age: 2001 • 5 Clamp binding unit • Hand feed station • Touch Screen Control • Milling and notching unit • PUR Spine Glue • Side Glue • Drum Cover Feeder...
Renz RSB 360 wiro binding machine  Wire-O and Spiral Binding
Category: Wire-O and Spiral Binding
RENZ RSB 360 (semi-automatic wire-o-binding machine) YEAR 2001 (serial no 1029) # 1 x WIRO FEEDER UNIT WITH CLOSING TOOL # MAX BINDING WIDTH 360 MM MIN BINDING WIDTH 60 MM # MAX BOOK TH...
Müller Martini Prima Amyrs Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
Quality Control: Semko 5 x Automatic Feeders with AMRYS - Automatic Make Ready System and ASIR 2 (Type 0370) 1 x Cover Feeder with AMRYS - Automatic Make Ready System and ASIR 2 (Type 390...
Polar 155 ED Autotrim Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
Built in 2001 Cutting width max 1.550 mm Feeding height max 165 mm Feeding depth max 1.550 mm Front table length 750 mm Table height 900 mm Power requirements 5,5 kW (220/380V, 50Hz)...
ArkBond 302  paper bander Packing machines
Category: Packing machines
Palamides Alpha 800  Folding machines
Category: Folding machines
Palamides Alpha 800 stacking delivery Min size 90 x 90 mm Max. 1-up 300 x 800 mm Max. 2-up 300 x 380 mm Max. 3-up 300 x 240 mm Max. 4-up 300 x 170 mm Max. 5-up 300 x 130 mm Max. 6-...
Strapex Ecopack strapping machine Packing machines
Category: Packing machines
Strapex Ecopack strapping machine, for semi-automatic strapping of packages Width of passage: 80 cm Height of passage: 80 cm Equipped with foot pedal
Müller Martini 3736 streamfeeder Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
Müller Martini 3736 streamfeeder Total 8 streamfeeders available, can be sold seperate or together as package 6x 1998 and 2 x 2001