Used Postpress / Bindery machines

2001 PERFECTA 115TVC FLOWLINE Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
2001 PERFECTA 115TVC FLOWLINE 2001 Knorr L600 Pile Lift, 2001 Knorr Jogger with Air Removal Roller, Perfecta 115TVC Guillotine with Computer Programme + TV Monitor G10546
Category: Perfect Binders
2001 WOHLENBERG MASTER BINDER 20 x Gatherer, Criss/Cross Delivery, 19 Clamp Binder, Hot Melt & PUR Gluing, Cover Feeder, 2 x Nipping, Conveyor System to Wohlenberg Trimtec 56i Trimmer, Rima...
Aster 160 thread sewing Hard Cover Book block production / sewing
Category: Hard Cover Book block production / sewing
Headop automatic signature feeder with vacuum and air blast opening system 4 upper and 4 lower signature openings Digital display with memory capability Astronic high speed sewer with:-...
Bobst SP 130-ER II (Stripping & Blanking) Die Cutting
Category: Die Cutting
36.375" x 51.125" Maximum Format (92cm x 130cm) 17.75" x 22.75" Minimum Format (45cm x 58cm) 500 Tons Cutting Pressure Continuous Feed Stripping with Assemblies and Upper Frame Quick...
Müller Martini Bravo (380) Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
4 Feeders 370, year: 2001; cover feeder 1529, year: 2003; 2 pumps + delivery belt 225, MM stacker, stitcher 380, year: 1998, trimmer 360, year: 1998. Counter: 13.000hrs.
 JBI JAMES BURN  Beta Doc WB38 2 Wire-O and Spiral Binding
Category: Wire-O and Spiral Binding
Ref:10151 . 2001 JBI Beta-Doc Wire-O Closing Unit. Booklet binding machine. Comprising:- Hand feed area with foot operated machine control WB 38 Auto closing unit Auto wire unwind...
Müller Martini Tempo Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
2001 Muller Martini Tempo 6 x 0378 Feeders Inline Station Feeders, Card Gluer, Robatech Pre Melt Gluing Unit Eltex KNH34 Static Generator Type 0410-0401 Saddlestitcher Three Knife Trim...
Heidelberg ST 100 saddle stitcher Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
Heidelberg ST 100/6 saddle stitcher Year 2001/2002 - Hand feed station - 3 double vertical feeders - Cover feeder - Stitcher with 2 Hohner 52/8 stitching heads - Trimmer with 3 sets...
Theisen & Bonitz Sprint B310VP Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
10 stations Stitching- & folding unit Sprint 303 QSM No. 3040
Bobst SP 104-E Die Cutting
Category: Die Cutting
2001 - Bobst SP 104-E (Ref.No. 1003500) Operating hours: 38700 Delivery: 03.2020 Equipment: - Centerline - Non-stop delivery - Stripping frame 1 set quick lock with tools 1 set s...
Bobst SP 102-E II Die Cutting
Category: Die Cutting
2001 - Bobst SP 102-E II II (Ref.No. 1003499) Delivery: 03.2020 Equipment: - Centerline - Non-stop delivery with apron - Stripping frame 1 set of frames (quick lock) with tools - C...
 Muller Martini  PRIMA AMRYS Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
Ref:10140 . 2001 Muller Martini Prima AMRYS. 8 Station gathering track with universal bases 7 x 0370 top loading feeders AMRYS 1528 Cover folder/feeder Oblique sheet monitor and SEM...
HEIDELBERG KD.2-66/4 KZ-FD-T Folding machines
Category: Folding machines
· Folding knife: 3x · 6 buckle plate · Delivery: SA-78-K.S1
Muller Martini Acoro A5 - Digital Perfect Binders
Category: Perfect Binders
This particular Muller Martini Acoro A5 Perfect Binder is an ideal solution for an in-house digital perfect binder. It is complete with a handfeed station and a Automatic Make Ready System f...
Muller Martini Zenith 'S' Three Knife Trimmer Three-knife-trimmers
Category: Three-knife-trimmers
Heavy Duty, High Speed Three Knife Trimmer
Polar 92 CE Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
Polar 92 E Year: 2001 Computer Program + Plasma Screen Air-bed Light Guard Spare Knife In production (UK) Price: £14,500 + VAT Loaded on transport or container.
Polar Lift LW 450 Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
We are pleased to offer: Polar Pile Lift LW 450 Platform max size 820 wide x 550 deep maximum lift weight 450 Kg Has a pile height sensor Height of machine is 5 foot. Requires Three...
2001  Aster Astronic 160 Hard Cover Book block production / sewing
Category: Hard Cover Book block production / sewing
machine very good condition form Government print mint condition now working in good condition.
2001 MULLER MARTINI 1509 MINUTEMAN Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
6 Station Chain, 6 x 1533 Feeders, 1528 Cover Feeder, 1509 Stitching Unit, 1522 Trimmer, RIMA Stacker G10601
Palamides BA700 Folding machines
Category: Folding machines
Presser / bander / stacker
MBO B26 Folding machines
Category: Folding machines
The Z2 has a unique ability to fold up or fold down to get the imposition and exit position needed for the finishing line. All Z Series knife folders feature independent self-control, making...
Victoria 104  Starfoil Proline   Hotfoil  Finishing
Category: Finishing
- Variable accel/decel and delay pull pulse – to provide accurate foil pull and prevent preheating of foil. - Foil countdown in meters – this system will provide a warning that a foil chang...
OSAKA 368 Collators
Category: Collators
3-Knife Trimmer 6 Pockets Cover Folder Feeder Maximum book size 12"x18" Minimum book size 5-5/8"x4" 3/8" thick With V folder In production Very Little Useage Immediately available...
2001 POLAR 92E  Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
Computer Programme + Plasma Screen, Air Bed, Light Guard, Spare Knife, Knife Changing Equipment G10494