Used Postpress / Bindery machines

2005 Morgana Autocreaser Booklet Production
Category: Booklet Production
Continuous Top Loading Feeder, Creasing Unit, Conveyor Delivery G11034
2005  Steinemann Colibri 72 Finishing
Category: Finishing
74 x 104cm, min sheet 21 x 25cm, Mabeg automatic pile suction feeder, UV dryer, speed up to 10,000sph.
2005 Krifft & Zipsner E190 RL/MZ Pile Turner / Elevator
Category: Pile Turner / Elevator
Max pallet - 2200 x 1600 mm. Min size - 600 x 400 mm. Min Max Load - 2000kg. Weight -
Heidelberg Stahlfolder KH 56-6-KTL Folding Machines
Category: Folding Machines
Cycles/h straight production = max. 50.000 Cycles/h cross break = max. 25.000 max. 230 m/min. Combination-Folder - DCT center-control - flatpile-feeder with TREMAT feeder-head - 1....
POLAR   2005  115XT Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
Colour Touch screen, Air table, Air table, left side, Air table, right side, maximum cutting size 1150mm. Spare knife and manuals
2005 MBO B30-4.4 Folding Machines
Category: Folding Machines
8 Page Machine, Continuous Round Pile Feeder, Batch Counter, OMG Economic Presser Stacker
Smyth / Freccia F150-L Hard Cover Book Block Production / Sewing
Category: Hard Cover Book Block Production / Sewing
Ref. 4058 - Smyth 150L – Age 2005 Max. Size: 360 x 550 mm
Heidelberg VSA66 Folding Machines
Category: Folding Machines
presser stacker delivery
Heidelberg ST 350 feeder TAS350 Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
section feeder TAS350 with base
Polar 78 X Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
Polar 78 X Year 2005 Fully Programmatic Colour Screen Air Table Polar R2 Jogger 2 x Polar L450-1 Pile Lifts Tools Spare knife Manuals
MBO K 800-6 S-KTL Folding Machines
Category: Folding Machines
2005 - MBO K 800-6 S-KTL Automatic (Ref.No. 1003347) Delivery: Immediately Equipment: - Navigator-Control - Noise Hoods - 1 st station -...
 Polar  137 AT XT Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
PACE Programmable handling system Autotrim LW 1000-4 Pile lift RA-4 Jogger With Air Removal Transomat TR 130EL-4 Air Bed Air Side Tables Fully Programmable FFM - Full Function Monit...
Setmasters 10 Station A3 Portrait Setmaster Collator with deep pile feeders. Collators
Category: Collators
10 Station A3 Portrait Collator with deep pile feeders on every station. Ideal for a wide range of flat sheets and folded section collating. Easy and comfortable machine to use with miss an...
Setmasters 14 Station A3  Collators
Category: Collators
We are pleased to offer: Setmaster 14 Station A3 Year 2005 Collator Maximum sheet size 65 x 45cm This model has 14 stations with deep pile feeders in A3 format and 7 stations in A2 fo...
Müller Martini Acoro A7 Perfect Binder Perfect Binders
Category: Perfect Binders
Hand Feed Station 6 Pocket Gathering Line 22 Clamp Acoro Binder Muller Martini Command Center Milling & Spine Prep Units Pre-Melters Hot Melt Spine & Side Gluing Cover Feeder Nipping...
 STAHL TH82 6.4.X  2005 HEIDELBERG Folding Machines
Category: Folding Machines
16 Page Machine Continuous Round Pile Feeder Air Stream Sidelay Batch Counter Sheet Gap and Suction Length Control 1st Unit 6 Parallel Plates with Slitting/Scoring & Perforati...
 STAHL KH66 4KTL   2005 HEIDELBERG Folding Machines
Category: Folding Machines
Flat Pile pallet Feeder with Tremat Head Airstream Sidelay Control Central Control panel Front Air Blower + Side Paddle Blower 4 Parallel Plates with Slitting, Scoring & Perfora...
Muller Martini Bravo Plus Amrys Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
380 Stitcher 6 x 370 Front loading Feeders - Amrys 1 x Cover Feeder 1 x 449 Trimmer 1 x Stacker Delivery 2 x HK75 Stitching heads Suck & Vac compressor Manuals (Operating and Spares) Spare s...
Muller Martini Prima Plus Amrys   with Stream Feeders Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
1 x 390 Stitcher 6 x 370 Rear Loading Feeders 6 x 3738 Stream Feeders 1 x 1554 Cover Feeder 1 x Stacker Delivery 2 x HK75 Stitching head Suck and Vac Compressor Spare set of knives Manuals (...
Stahl marking-pressing, delivery unit SKP-66+MKE Folding Machines
Category: Folding Machines
SKP-66+MKE. Automated marking ( separates sheets, 2 or 3 and then presses folded sheets. )
Stahl B 26-4-4-4 Folding Machines
Category: Folding Machines
2005 Stahl B26 -4-4-4 with continuous feeder and Zero makeready Plates
Müller Martini Tigra Perfect Binder Perfect Binders
Category: Perfect Binders
18 Pocket Gathering Line – Model 1571 w/ ASAC & ASIR Reject Gate Prior to Binder 9 Clamp Tigra Binder Criss-Cross Delivery Pre-melter Hot Melt Spine & Side Glue Automatic Cover Feeder...

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