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Used Postpress / Bindery machines

FKS PrintBind KB 2000 Binding Machine
Category: Binding Machine
perfect binder FKS PrintBind KB 2000 of 2010 n°00905507081681 designed for professional binding results with hot-melt adhesive, one clamp heavy-duty constructions with automated operation p...
Bacciottini PIT STOP DG LINE 6500 Creasers/Slitters/Scorers/Perforators
Category: Creasers/Slitters/Scorers/Perforators
Perforating-creasing machine BACCIOTTINI Pit Stop DG Line 6500 of 2010 n°DG 1053, standard size 50x70 cm, with optional extension feeder up to 50x85 cm Automatic perforating/creasing machin...
Duplo DC-445 Creasers/Slitters/Scorers/Perforators
Category: Creasers/Slitters/Scorers/Perforators
automatic electric creasing equipment for printed or copied paperwork creasing (business cards, post cards, book covers, brochures, CD/DVD case covers etc.) with automatic air suction feeder...
Tauler Smart 52 Finishing
Category: Finishing
Tauler Smart 52 Year 2010 Maxi format 52x72 cm Equipped with : . Semi automatic feeder . PLC Moniteur . Photos cell control for double sheets . Heating cylinder by oil . Sheet se...
Heidelberg Stahlfolder KH56/4 KT AUT Folding Machines
Category: Folding Machines
Flat pile feeder with tremat (KH56) Touch screen controls with auto set rollers & plates 4 auto set buckle plates & rollers auto set Knife Side pocket SAK56 stream delivery Optional...
Müller Martini A90 Saddle Stitcher Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
1 x stitching unit 1550 2 x stitching heads HK75 6 x section feeder 1551 1 x cover folder feeder 1528 1 x three knife trimmer 1552 1 x stream delivery 1564
Müller Martini Acoro A5 Binding Machine
Category: Binding Machine
Muller Martini Acoro A5, Year 2010 Fully Automatic High Speed Perfect Binding line with Central and operating station Counter of books produced: Only ca 19 mio Technical specifications:...
MBO B30 76/4 Folding Machines
Category: Folding Machines
Pallet feeder – separating head Vaculift 4 buckles Compressor A 76 delivery
Bograma BSM 450/220/15 Servo cutting and punching Creasers/Slitters/Scorers/Perforators
Category: Creasers/Slitters/Scorers/Perforators
1 x BSM 450/220/15 SERVO cutting and punching unit Tools : - Cutting equipment - Front cut equipment in infeed
Clearpack LST 50 Super Packing Machines
Category: Packing Machines
We are pleased to offer: Clear Pack List 50 Super Year 2010 LST 50 Super is a compact, versatile and rugged Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrapping System consisting of L sealer and Shrink Tunnel...
Heidelberg STAHLFOLDER KH 82/78-6KTL      Folding Machines
Category: Folding Machines
Palletfeeder PFH 82 6 Electronic Combi Fold Buckles 1 Side Pocket 2 Folding Knifes 1 Gate-fold-device Press Stacker with Shack Delivery SPH-70 Operating Panel with Display Up to 32 pa...
Horizon PST 40 Folding Machines
Category: Folding Machines
Bogenpresse mit Stehendbogenauslage PST-40
Col-Tec Refurbished 14 station “Signature” collator Collators
Category: Collators
Refurbished 14 station Col-Tec “Signature” collator with deep pile feeders and in-line Exit Delivery Stacking Conveyor. Suitable for all types of folded section and flat sheet collation. Aut...
Wohlenberg 115 - complete guillotine flow line Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
115cm. Pallet lift, BSB3L jogger with air removing roller, air tables and high pile pallet stacker.
Category: Saddlestitchers
Duplo DC-445, DC-F1, DC-ST1 Creasers/Slitters/Scorers/Perforators
Category: Creasers/Slitters/Scorers/Perforators
Duplo DC-445, DC-F1, DC-ST1, Year 2010 Maxi size 32x46 cm - Mini size 14x15 cm Paper maximum weight 350 gr - mini 110 gr Equipped with: . DC-445 Creasing cassette . DC-F1 Folding Modul...
Polar 155 XT Autotrim Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
Side-table with air, left, Side-table with air, right, Programm, Loader (POLAR Autotrans M Format 6 - PACE -), Unloader Transomat (POLAR Transomat TRE 160EL-6), Autotrim, Color monitor, Pape...
Polar  Autojog  XT AJR-7S Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
2010 - Polar Autojog XT AJR-7S (Ref.No. 1004936) Equipment: - Loader POLAR Autotrans M Format 6 - PACE - - Paper jogger POLAR Autojog XT AJR-...
Polar 155 XT Autotrim Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
2010 - Polar 155 XT Autotrim (Ref.No. 1004937) Equipment: - Autotrim - Side-table with air, left - Side-table with air, right - Programm -...
MBO K 800-6 S-KTL Folding Machines
Category: Folding Machines
2010 - MBO K 800-6 S-KTL (Ref.No. 1005139) Delivery: Immediately Equipment: - Automatic buckle plate adjustment - Automatic folding roller...
Heidelberg TSH 70 Twinstacker Folding Machines
Category: Folding Machines
2010 - Heidelberg TSH 70 (Ref.No. 1006220) 700 x 340 mm / 27,56 x 13,39 inches Delivery: Immediately Equipment: -Twinstacker -2 Bänder...
Kolbus DA 270 Case Production
Category: Case Production
Board prestacking conveyor (1.700mm) Cloth feeder for non-stop operation with pile magazine Device for processing centre strip rolls Processing hot-glue with board centre strip magaz...
Stahl KH 82/4 KTL Folding Machines
Category: Folding Machines
STAHL KH78/82 - 4 KTL YoM : 2010 - 4 Pockets - 2 Knifes - Roundpile feeder - GateFold - Antinoise Hoods - TSH70 Twinstacker

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