Used Cardboard / Packaging machines

Jagenberg Diana 125-1 Carton Gluers
Category: Carton Gluers
max. 1350 mm, min. 45 mm, straight line, lower disc gluing system left, pre breaker right and left, kicker, counter, digital read out unit, additional middle transport in folding, controlled...
JAGENBERG   DIANA 125-1 Carton Gluers
Category: Carton Gluers
Fully Automatic Carton Folder Gluer with Intertray unit suitable for folding and gluing straight line, crash lock bottom and four corner boxes Maximum open blank width : 1020 mm Mi...
Atlas CSE-620R Slitter Rewinders
Category: Slitter Rewinders
Atlas CSE-620 R Slitter rewinder Max web width: 1430 mm Material: 50 – 250 gsm Max unwind diametar: 1200 mm Unwind core: 150 mm Edge guide movement: +/- 50 mm Maximum reind...