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Manroland 605 + L Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
-Five colours plus coater size 72x102 cms. -Year 1990, 95 mil. copies, Quick action plate clamps -RCI 2 table control for inks and plates registers, IR dryer Grafix -Rolandmatic dampeni...
GOSS   M600 Heatset
Category: Heatset
1 - Contiweb Splicer SH45-CP-1020 with Integrated Infeed Web Guide 5 - M600 Printing Units Autoplate system for 5 Units ( not installed-complete) Heidelberg CPTronic Press & Color...
Aster EL thread sewing machine Hard Cover Book Block Production / Sewing
Category: Hard Cover Book Block Production / Sewing
max speed 9,000 cph, hopper loader, opening 2+2 + lap, 10 stitch positions, working size: min. 85mmX150mm – max. 420mmX320mm, Touch Screen computer, integrated delivery
Setmasters 5/10 station A3/A4 Duplex Collators
Category: Collators
5 Station A3 Setmaster with a maximum sheet size of 450 x 350mm. These feeders can be split to collate 10 x A4 or smaller items. Please ask for further details.
Bobst SP76-BM Foil Blockers
Category: Foil Blockers
automatic hot foil stamping platen, max sheet size 760 x 560mm, min sheet size 300 x 260mm, stamping & embossing size max 750 x 541mm, min 300x 260mm, paper & board thickness 80-600gsm, heat...
Heidelberg MOVS Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Heidelberg MOVS age 1989 circa 96 million impressions CPC 1-02 Alcolor Baldwin Quick action plate clamps, split back edge Bacher register Grafix Exactomat powder spray
CELLCOAT D76 Finishing
Category: Finishing
automatic thermal laminator, max sheet size 72 x 102cm, min sheet size SRA3, max sheet up to 9,000sph, fully automatic suction feeder, automatic delivery, post heat roller + post chiller rol...
Morgana FRN 80020 Numbering Machines & Units
Category: Numbering Machines & Units
We are pleased to offer: Morgana front numbering Year: 2003 2 Numbering boxes Technical Specifications Overall Length working 900mm Stored 500mm Width 780mm Height 1100mm Weight 9...
Jagenberg Diana 105-3 Folder Gluers
Category: Folder Gluers
straight line, lock bottom, double wall, 4+6 point gluing, electronic upper gluing system HHS, 16 channels with 3 guns, lower disc gluing system left, electronic back folding via servos,...
Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102-4+L Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
CP2000 TFT Screen Autoplate Preset Plus feeder Preset Plus Delivery Alcolor damping Technotrans CombiStar Ink Temperature Control Auto Ink roller wash Auto Blanket Wash Auto Impress...
Schneider Senator 115 MC Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
Schneider Senator 115MC Has Microcut 4 Extra Blades Located in Northern California Immediately available
Heidelberg SM74-2P Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Dear Sirs, AS OWNER, we are pleased to offer you to our standard conditions of sale and delivery the following machine - subject to prior sale: HEIDELBERG SM74-2P+ age 2003 Serial 626.8...
Heidelberg SM74 5 H SE Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
PrintCenter (Ink, axial, circumferential and diagonal remote control with flash memory card and electronic pen), No. 2 Simco ion blowers on feeder, Remotely controlled pull lays by PrintCent...
Heidelberg Cylinder SB Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
Heidelberg Cylinder SB, Age c.1968, serial no.24188, Fully rebuilt 2016, Converted to cutting and creasing, Fully interlocked new guarding, 2 x Chases, available immediately
ROLAND 706-3B LV Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
ROLAND SIX COLOUR PRESS Model: 706-3B LV Age: c.2001 Serial Number: 29932B Circa 265 million impressions Equipped With:- RCI Techkon spectrodrive colour measuring Rolandmatic...
Category: Folding Machines
STAHL FOLDER KD66-4-KL-RD-T, Age c.2003, serial no.FH.FNAF-00065, Tremat flat pile feeder, Digital control, Ultrasonic two sheet detection, 4 x fold plates, 2 x electronic knife units, Tech...
Komori Lithrone LS540LX  Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
KOMORI FIVE COLOUR PRESS Model: LS540-LX Age: c.2010 Serial Number: 651 Circa 120 million impressions Equipped With:- PQC-S with PDC S11 measuring CIP3 link Komorimatic dampi...
Staley Flexo Rotary Die Cutter Die Cutters - Automatic and Handfed
Category: Die Cutters - Automatic and Handfed
66” x 130” Press was overhauled in 2004. Roto-Feed Lead Edge Feeder Vacuum Transfer Units Motorized Side Guides Motorized Frame Openings Doctor Blades Digital Running Registers Slo...
Category: Finishing
automatic pile suction feeder, max sheet 76 x 102cm, min sheet 28 x 28cm, product range 130-380gsm, new electronic control for easy set-up of sheet length & overlap, pneumatically controlled...
Bobst 1420ER Die Cutters - Automatic and Handfed
Category: Die Cutters - Automatic and Handfed
max sheet 1020 x 1420mm, min sheet 500 x 700mm, max cutting size 1005 x 1420mm, production up to 5,000sph, max paper thickness 1.5mm, min paper thickness 90gsm, E & B flute corrugated, autom...
Bobst SP102EII Die Cutters - Automatic and Handfed
Category: Die Cutters - Automatic and Handfed
max sheet size 1020 x 720mm, min sheet size 400 x 350mm, die cutting size with front trim max 1020 x 705mm, max sheet size without front trim 1020 x 720mm, cold embossing max 1020 x 690mm,...
KBA Rapida 105U HS6+L  Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Vari Dampening SAPC Preset Techno-trans R/R Blanket & Roller washer Non stop feeder & delivery Powder spray Densitronic Basic IR Dryer
Category: Sheet Fed
: HEIDELBERG SM 52-4 : 2014 -90 mill Impression, Size : 15x20 Inch, 4 Color Press, Straight machine, Auto Plate, CP 2000, Machine Is In Very good condition, Free from Any Damage on gears...
Luesher XPose! 230/96 UV CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Equipment has not been used very much. Fully tested and refurbished therefore in top condition.