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With its roots going back to 1817, just a couple of years after Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, KBA is the oldest press manufacturer in existence, and its offshoots include the founders of Roland and even Heidelberg.  Sadly no examples of their revolutionary 1,100 sph rotary, steam-driven letterpress machine are currently being offered on pressXchange. 

Today KBA is the biggest producer of bank note presses in the world and produces huge web presses, but it is its excellent and advanced used and second hand sheetfed presses – the KBA Rapida ranges - which interest most pressXchange users – there are normally around 90 on the site. Beautifully engineered and always at the cutting edge of technology, used and refurbished KBA Rapida presses are sold internationally and are offered on pressXchange by some of the world’s best used printing machinery dealers.  The most popular second hand model is the KBA Rapida RA 105, often with coating and perfecting, with used 5 colour RA 105-5, 6 color RA105-6 and the eight colour RA105-8.  Used RA 142, RA 145, RA 162 and RA 205 along with secondhand Rapida RA 74 and RA &% are also to be found here, as are KBA Performa and Genuis presses.

Category: Sheet Fed

Colours: 4
Sheet Size: Size 6 (140cms/60")ms/55")
Machine Specification: KOENIG & BAUER RAPIDA 142-4 PWVA / 4-0 Age 2008/09 #imprs. 135,000,000 Free 06 / 2016 Colortronic Densitronic basic PWVA – fully automatic plate change Compr...

Category: Sheet Fed

Colours: 7
Sheet Size: Size 6 (140cms/60")ms/55")
Machine Specification: KBA Tower coating unit with Anilox rollers Colortronic SAPC Preset - Manual Nonstop Feeder - KBA Logistics Feeder - KBA Varispeed UV/Conventional Inks - KBA Blanket wash-up system - KBA Ink wash...