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Used MBO folders for sale

Founded in Oppenweiler, Germany some 50 years ago, MBO quickly came to rival Stahl as a major manufacturer of technically advanced folding machines.  Today used MBO folders are in demand worldwide with, on average, close to 80 secondhand MBO folding machines on offer for sale at any time.  MBO also owns speciality folder manufacturer Herzog and Heymann.

Pre-owned MBO post-press and finishing equipment includes both buckle (plate) and combination buckle and knife folders with round-pile continuous feeders and pallet feeders

Among others you will find used MBO K800, T 700, K65, T49, B 30, T 45 and K 66 folding machines on pressXchange.


Category: Folders - Buckle/Plate

Machine Specification: 1990 MBO B30-4.4.X 16 Page Machine, Continuous Round Pile Feeder, Sound Hoods, Batch Counter, Air Compressor, Mobile Delivery G10027