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Used Muller Martini binders for sale 

Of the 1500 or so bindery machines listed for sale on pressXchange only one manufacturer hits three digits: used Muller Martini (or Mueller Martini, or Müller Martini – you choose) make up close to 15%.  Founded 70 years ago in Switzerland, Muller Martini now dominates the market – their second hand perfect binders, saddle stitchers, gatherer stitchers and mailroom equipment is renowned for their excellence, reliability and technological innovation.

Secondhand perfect binders range from very simple used Mueller Martini Pony models through to second hand Acoro, Amigo, Bolero and Pantera ranges.  High production used Normbinder, Monostar and Corona binding machines from the 1990s upwards still seem to find a ready market.

Used Muller Martini saddle stitchers for sale include second hand Amrys, Bravo, Presto, Prima models, as well as pre-owned Minuteman, 235, 335, 310 and 315 stitching lines.


Category: Perfect Binding and Gatherers

Machine Specification: Monitor with touch screen, Infeed conveyor, Turning station, Stacking robot, Pallet dispenser, Slip sheet feeder, Pallet delivery station

Category: Perfect Binding and Gatherers

Machine Specification: 5 hand soft cover binding machine With all accessories Side gluer Can be seen in working condition in Istanbul/Turkey Available immediately

Category: Saddle stitchers

Machine Specification: Streamfeeder

Category: Perfect Binding and Gatherers

Machine Specification: Type: 3691 Gathering stations: 30x Year: 1999 / 2000 Hand feeding station Reject Unit: 3614 Year: 1999 Number of clamps: 38 infeed incl. coupling to a ZU gathering Milling station Hotmelt sp...