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Now known as Heidelberg Stahlfolders, used Stahl folding machines have set the standard for quality in the second hand bindery and finishing market.  Many used Stahl folders are for sale on pressXchange.  Along with their great competitor MBO, robust used Stahl buckle plate, knife  and combination folders are the work horses of bindery departments worldwide.  They come with continuous round-pile and pile feeders, noise hoods and, in modern folders, touch screen control.  The legendary model ranges include second hand T 50 , T52, TI52, TD78 , TH 66 and TH 82 plate folders, along with used  K66, KH78, KD78 and K56 combination folding machines. 

On pressXchange you will find used folding machines and second hand folders listed under Stahl, Heidleberg/Stahl and Heidelberg.  Second hand Heidelberg Stahlfolder buckle and combination folders come with round-pile and pile feeding systems.  Almost all will now be fitted with Tremat heads, sound hoods and many will have stackers or pressing units.

Popular Heidelberg Stahl models for sale include second hand RFH 66, TI 52, KH 66, KD 78, KH 78, KD 78  and KH 82 folding machines.

Stahl T50/4 KB-F

Stahl T50/4 KB-F Year: 1996 FEATURED MACHINE

Category: Folders

Machine Specification: Buckle folder, Knife folder, Deep pile feederStahl T50/4 KB-F Folding machine with 4 pocket and 1 electrical knife max 50 cm width electronic counter Tremat feeder sharped rollers