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Used Wohlenberg machines, cutters and equipment for sale

Second hand Wohlenberg guillotines and cutters are the most popular on the used market after Polar, and their pre-owned free-standing and-inline three knife trimmers are uniquely popular.  They are of robust construction and very reliable.  Used Wohlenberg 137 and 115 Cut Tec and Pro Tec guillotines are particularly popular, and there are also several second hand Wohlenberg 115 EMC and MCS cutters.  Used Wohlenberg 44FM50 automatic three knife trimmer which can be used in-line or off-line are listed on pressXchange and have been the market leader for many years.  Second hand Wohlenberg binding lines and perfect binders are  also available.

Category: Trimmers (Three Knife)

Machine Specification: Model 44FM50 . . Serial Number 3000-017 There are at least 3 sets of knives one set of which are still wrapped. The owner said the books in their maintenance room which is in another building. Tools...