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Category: Sheet Fed
Perfecting 2/2 - 4/0 CP 2000: Touch Screen Console Alcolor Dampening Autoplate (Automatic Plate Changing System) Grafix Alphatronic 200: Powder Sprayer Technotrans Cooling Device Autom...
Ryobi 525 HXX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Grafix: Powder Sprayer Automatic Ink Roller Washing Device Automatic Blanket Washing Device PCS-H Off Press Controls RPC Semi Automatic Plate Change Ryobi IR Dryer Ryobi Dampening Tec...
MAN ROLAND R 305 PLV       Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Perfecting 1/4 - 5/0 RCI: Remote Control Desk CPL: Semi-Automatic Plate Change Washers Wekotron: Powder Sprayer Cardboard Guide Rolandmatic Dampening Technotrans Cooling Device Coati...
Heidelberg Stahl T 52/4 Folding machines
Category: Folding machines
Pile feeder 4 buckles Batch counter Noise hood SAK delivery Pump
Stahl VBF Three Knife Three-knife-trimmers
Category: Three-knife-trimmers
2001 Stahl VBF 3 Knife Trimmer All the peripherals, In great condition Manuals , Spare Parts, Auto Feeder under power
2001 WOHLENBERG MASTER 6501 BINDER Perfect Binders
Category: Perfect Binders
2001 WOHLENBERG MASTER BINDER 20 x Gatherer, Criss/Cross Delivery, 19 Clamp Binder, Hot Melt & PUR Gluing, Cover Feeder, 2 x Nipping, Conveyor System to Wohlenberg Trimtec 56i Trimmer, Rima...
Komori Lithrone L 540 II + LX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Komori Lithrone L 540 II + LX used offset printing press 5 colours with coater with size 72x103 from 2001 immediately available and equipped with coater, chamber blade system type Tresu, ex...
Heidelberg CD102-8+L Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
HEIDELBERG EIGHT COLOUR PRESS + COATER Model: CD102-8+L Age: 2001 Circa 101 mill impressions Equipped with: CP 2000 Alcolor Dampening Auto Blanket wash Auto Cylinder wash Axis cont...
Iberica JR 105 Die Cutters - Automatic and Handfed
Category: Die Cutters - Automatic and Handfed
Stripping device <> Cutting plate <> Cutting chases <> 1 Cutting plate <> Format 75x 105 cm <> MAXI sheet size 750x1050 mm <> MINI sheet size 350x400 mm <> Maxi cardboard thickness 1,5 mm <>...
Gallus EM510 Labels and Forms
Category: Labels and Forms
Gallus EM510 Age: 2001 web width: 510mm unwind web guide splice table 7 x flexo print units 7 x GEW UV dryers 4 x hot air dryers overhead rail system delam unit relam unit web tu...
Edale Alpha Labels and Forms
Category: Labels and Forms
EDALE ALPHA, 4 COLOUR FLEXO LABEL PRESS Age 2001 max web width 250mm (10 Inches) 4 x VTi UV drying units 4 x flexo print units unwind unit turner bar laminating unit EL web guide sp...
2001 POLAR 92E  Guillotines/Cutters
Category: Guillotines/Cutters
Computer Programme + Plasma Screen, Air Bed, Light Guard, Spare Knife, Knife Changing Equipment G10494
MÜLLER MARTINI ONYX 6287 Accessories
Category: Accessories
Inserting Machine: - hopper feeder 289.0400 (year 1997) - main product feeder - 6 inserting stations with feeder conveyor at first inserting station - double and missfeed control -...
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74-5-P2 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Offset press HEIDELBERG SPEEDMASTER SM 74-5-P2 year 2001 n°625.354, 5 colours + fully automatic perfector 1st unit (5/0-1/4), 45 mios imps, size 53x74 cm, speed up 15.000 sph, all standard e...
Bobst SP 104 ER Die Cutters - Automatic and Handfed
Category: Die Cutters - Automatic and Handfed
Equipped with :- - Centerline - Non-stop delivery - Stripping frame 1 set quick lock with tools - 1 set standard frames - Chase x 2 - Cutting plate x 1 (4mm) - Non-stop feeder manual...
2001 Heidelberg CD 102-2+LX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
In production Equipment CP 2000 Autoplate Alcolor 1 UV Interdek between unit 3 UV lamps in delivery Preset Feeder Preset Delivery Extend with 1 LED UV lamp Exatr. Duo Plus Powde...
Heidelberg SM 74-4-P+L  Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
approx. 257 million impressions, AxisControl, CP 2000, Alcolor, Autoplate, Technotrans dampening circulation and cooling, ink unit washing device, NonStop pilefeeder, high pile delivery, Non...
Heidelberg SM52 5 P3+LX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
CP 2000 console touch screen, axial, circumferencial and diagonal register remote control, ink ductors rotation control, job memorization, Side lays adjusting control by CP2000, ZMK electron...
KBA RA 162-4 FAPC Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Control Unit: ErgoTronic automatic size setting Feeder type: Stream Feeder Ultra Sonic Double sheet Control electromechanical double sheet control Double sheet control Number of...
Komori Lithrone L-528-III CTR Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
2001 Komori L528 + Coater with Extended Delivery Console - Plate Cocking - Lateral/Circumferential NO SAPC NO PRESETS NO WASHUP DEVICES 127mm impr. Condition:  Good No Cylinder Damage...
Heidelberg CD 102-6L Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
HEIDELBERG CD102-6L(72 x 102cm), Age c.2001, serial no.543758, circa 214 million, Post Drupa Model, CP 2000, Alcolor with Vario, Image control, Preset, Autoplate, Technotrans Beta C refrige...
Müller Martini Tempo Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
2001 Muller Martini Tempo 6 x 0378 Feeders Inline Station Feeders, Card Gluer, Robatech Pre Melt Gluing Unit Eltex KNH34 Static Generator Type 0410-0401 Saddlestitcher Three Knife Trim...