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Category: Saddle stitchers

Machine Specification: Heidelberg ST300.1 - saddle stitcher 6 feeders (2 horizontal, 4 vertical TAS 300.1, TAL 300.1) cover feeder UFA 300.1 stitching unit (10 stitching heads) trimmer HS 300.1

Category: Folders - Buckle/Plate

Machine Specification: Roundpile continuous feeder, 6 buckle plates, 2 crossfold knives KTL configuration, electronic batch counter with swing arm control, noise reduction hoods, transfer to presser roller delivery.

Category: Perfect Binding and Gatherers

Machine Specification: Ref: 9839. 2001 Kolbus KM472.A Ratiobinder Line. 24 station ZU840A linear gatherer with twin hand-feed position Opto-electric signature recognition system ‘ATC’ Automatic thickness contro...