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Category: Carton Gluers
max. 940 mm, min. 45 mm, straight line, lock bottom, double wall, electronic upper gluing system HHS Xpect, 4 channels and 4 guns, lower disc gluing system left, aligning station right & lef...
James Burn BB43H Wire-O binding + closing machine Wire-O and Spiral Binding
Category: Wire-O and Spiral Binding
Semi-automatic Wire-O closing machine Hanger feed equipment for calendar ¼” Standard closing tools
Heidelberg QM 46-2 two colour offset  Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Foliant Feeder 520 Laminator Finishing
Category: Finishing
We are pleased to offer: FOLIANT FEEDER 520 Foliant Feeder 520 Suitable for format: B2, B3, B4 Max. Working width 520 mm Max.feeder´s load capacity 30 cm Speed control 0 - 15 m/ min...
Heidelberg SM 52-2-P+ (w. N+P) Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
plus-vers. (geared for numbering), CP-Tronic, Alcolor damp. w. refrigeration, laser segm. ink blades, Autoplate, autom. washers, powder sprayer Grafix A. 200, N+P unit on request
SM 52-4+ Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
- CP 2000 - ALCOLOR dampening units - Technotrans alpha - HEIDELBERG Autoplate - ink roller wash-up device - blanket wash-up device - impr. cyl. wash-up device - Grafix Alphatronic 20...
Bobst SP 104 ER Die Cutters - Automatic and Handfed
Category: Die Cutters - Automatic and Handfed
Automatic non-stop feeder Pull site lay mark left Micrometer adjustment Blanking Unit Stripping Unit Upper stripping frame: 1x Lower stripping frame: 1x Cutting frame: 2x upper...
Müller Martini Prima S Amrys Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
Semko Number of basement: 9x (4x double + 1x single) Number of vertical feeder: 6x 370 Amrys Cover feeder: 1x 1528 Card gluer: 1x 423 AMRYS - Automatic Make Ready System Serial n...
Müller Martini VBA 3648 Perfect Binders
Category: Perfect Binders
Size max: 430 x 320 x 80 mm Size min: 140 x 100 x 2 mm
Müller Martini Ribbon 60 Hard Cover Book block production / sewing
Category: Hard Cover Book block production / sewing
Built in 2002 Size max 390 x 300 x 80 mm min 110 x 90 x 5 mm Speed max 3.900 c/h Marking ribbon width max 8 mm min 3 mm
Heidelberg Stahlfolder KD 66/4 KTL Folding machines
Category: Folding machines
Built in2002 Size with continuous feeder max 660 x 1.280 mm Size cross fold min 150 x 200 mm Size threefold min 200 x 300 mm Speed max 180 m/min Equipment feeder • continuous...
Heidelberg Finishing Stahlfolder VSA.3-66 MKE Folding machines
Category: Folding machines
Built in 2002 Size max 660 x 320 mm min 150 x 100 mm Pile height 300 mm Infeed height 400 - 950 mm Working height 950 - 1.200 mm Speed max 140 m/min
KOLBUS EMP 596 with FE 603 Hard Cover Book production
Category: Hard Cover Book production
- KOLBUS Casing-In Machine EMP 596, year 2002: with block supply via manual feeder, case forming station and delivery to the left with delivery belt - KOLBUS Book Forming and Pressing Ma...
KOLBUS PE 312 Case production
Category: Case production
Embossing Press: - pre-stacking conveyor - case magazine (also for flexible covers) with case bending device DBA - foil feeder with 2 feed rollers - extended dwell time function -...
Recmi HP 1200 Stacker  Packing machines
Category: Packing machines
We are pleased to offer: Automatic palletizer without re-compression of the log Flexible numeric technology allows Automatic storage/loading of the production parameters (including st...
Horizon BQ 260 Adhesive Binder  Perfect Binders
Category: Perfect Binders
We are pleased to offer: Hot melt Adhesive Binder horizon BQ 260 with cover feeder. Single clamp perfect binder Serial number 12908 Max book size 320 x 320mm Min book size 75 x 75mm...
Muller Martini 305.412 Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
card glue feeder model 315 with Amrys make ready to fit MM Bravo/ MM Prima Plus models
Muller Martini Valore 1558 saddle stitcher - 2002 Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
1 x stitching unit 1558 IN STOCK 2 x stitching heads HK75 6 x section feeders 1559 1 x cover feeder 1528 1 x three knife trimmer 1522 1 x stream delivery 225
Muller Martini Valore Saddle Stitcher Saddlestitchers
Category: Saddlestitchers
1 x Stitching unit - Model 1558 2 x Stitching heads - Model HK75 6 x Flat pile section feeders - Model 1559 1 x Cover folder feeder - Model 1528 1 x Three knife trimmer - Model 1522 1 x...
MBO B30 Efficiency folding machine with SBAP 72 Folding machines
Category: Folding machines
MBO B30 Efficiency folding machine, equipped with: Round pile feeder 4 folding plates - first unit MBO SBAP 72 ME delivery Anti noise hood Technical specifications MBO B30 E-R Inf...
Schoen & Brandt 2071 A Die Cutting
Category: Die Cutting
SCHON 2071 A Hydraulic crosshead die cutter For cutting of printed and non-printed material Year :2002 Max. sheet size: 1.400 x 1.000 mm Cutting force: 300 kN Die thickness: 1/1.5cm W...
Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 4P3 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
CP-2000 Alcolor Autoplate Autom. ink roller wash-up device Autom. blanket wash-up device Autom. impression cylinder wash-up device Low-pile delivery Perfecting 2/2 Stream feeder Pow...
TB Sprint 315 VP + 303 QSM Collators
Category: Collators
THEISEN & BONITZ SPRINT 304 QSM Year 2002 Condition In normal running condition With 15 high-pile gat...
Polyman Heatset Web Offsett  Heatset
Category: Heatset
MAN Roland Polyman 16 page Heatset Web Offsett machine (2002), 630mm cut off, max web width 965mm, products – broadsheet – tabloid – magazine – double parallel – delta fold, 4 blanket to bla...
KBA RAPIDA 105-5+L UV ALV3  Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Carton-Version, up to 1,2mm SAPC Plate change Ink temperature control BALDWIN Non-Stop feeder Non-Stop delivery Kersten Ionblowers Coating unit with chambered doctor blade system Roll...