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Category: Laminators

Machine Specification: semi-automatic thermal laminating machine GMP PROTOPIC PLUS-520B of 2006 n°XD46B30105 Protopic Plus 520 is ideal for the high-speed on demand print market. It is semi-automatic feeding to a maximum ...

Category: CTP System

Machine Specification: Heidelberg Suprasetter A 105 64 laser diodes (l=830 nm) plate size 1.060 x 930 mm, 323 x 370 mm plate thickness 0,15 mm, 0,35 mm 12 plates/h total plate count about 146.000 exposure time 14.000 h wit...

Category: Sheet Fed

Colours: 8
Sheet Size: B1 (100 cms/40")
Machine Specification: - Cabel lenght pult standart - CP 2000 with memory card - Oxilating form rollers remot controll - Jackets impression cylinder Perfectjacket - Alcolor Vario - IPA-Metering Premium - Electronica...