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Category: Booklet Making

Machine Specification: Duplo 4000 DC 10/60 10 station collator, DC-12JR rear jogger (from older machine), DBM400 Stitch fold unit, DBM-400T Trimmer

Category: Case Binding Equipment

Machine Specification: Book Production Line - consisting of: - Book Block Feeder XSL 260 (Solema Fastbook), year 1999 - Transport Conveyor TS.L, year 2005 - IR-Preheating HB 530, year 2008 - Transport Conveyor TS.L, y...

Category: Laminators

Machine Specification: Maximum Size: 52 x 36 cm For the automatic laminating of sheets by thermal laminating system Continuous Top Loading Feeder Two Sheet Trip Thermal Laminating Station Tool Temp Heat Exchanger Film ...