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Categoría: Offset de pliegos
Fabricante: KBA
Gama de modelos: Rapida 142
Colores: 4
Año: 2007

Más información sobre la máquina:

Control Unit: ErgoTronic Professional incl. ColorTronic
Quality control: Lithec Inline ColorMeasurement (only optional)
Feeder type: KBA DriveTronic Feeder
Ultra Sonic Double sheet Control
Double sheet control
Anti static
Number of printing units: 4x
Number of coating units: 1x
Coating unit with chamber doctor blade
Plate changing: PWVA (Full Automatic Plate Change)
Dampening: Varidamp
blanket cylinder chromed
Plate cylinder chromed
Washing device: all automatic washing devices
Ink temperature control
Delivery type: extended High Pile delivery (2.600 mm)
Dryer: Grafix KBA IR Dryer
IR Dryer
Powder device: WEKO AP 262
Air Cabinet: Becker vacuum pumps
Antistatic: Kersten Antistatic
Cooling: Watercooled
Excl. Chiller
Exkl. Pumping Station
Max sheet size: 1.020 x 1.420 mm
Min sheet size: 600 x 720 mm
Max print size: 1.010 x 1.420 mm
Thickness: 0.06 - 0.6 mm
Output: 15.000 sheets / hour
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Voltage: 380 - 480 V