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Categoría: Offset de pliegos
Fabricante: KBA
Gama de modelos: Rapida 106
Colores: 6
Año: 2015

Más información sobre la máquina:

High-Speed package – up to 20.000 sh/h
CX package – up to 1.2 mm thickness
ErgoTronic Professional console with ColorTronic ink metering, 19” TouchScreen
Wallscreen – for visualisation of all processes
ErgoTronic ColorDrive – online X-direction colour measurement device
X-Rite Intellitrax;
QualiTronic LiveView – realtime transmission each printed sheet
QualiTronic PileView – to enable virtual assessment of the good and waste sheet within a printed pile
DriveTronic SIS feeder – side-lay free lateral alignment (not suitable for foil)
CleanTronic – multipurpose washing system for blankets, impression cylinder and inking rollers
DriveTronic SRW – Simultaneous Roller Wash for 3 printing units (PU 1+4+6)
ErgoTronic ACR – Automatic Camera Register for automatic and exact register checking and correction
FAPC – fully-automatic plate change incl. pneumatic plate bending device
DriveTronic feeder – non-stop-feeder, automatic
Anti-Static device, high-performance version
Dust removal at feeder
Cardboard equipment with mechanical guide elements (> 600 g/m2)
Camera system for monitoring sheet traveling feeder and delivery
Sheet travel control
High-tech combi-cooling unit Technotrans beta.c
Technotrans filter-unit Beta.f
Inking unit temperature control incl. ductor cooling
Differential drive to eliminate hickeys
Coating unit (L) Harris & Bruno chambered doctor blade for conventional coatings
Harris & Bruno coating supply and cleaning system for conventional coatings
KBA VariDry BLUE IR/Hot-air dryer in the delivery and extended delivery
Extended delivery ALV2 = 2400 mm
AirTronic delivery – non-stop-Rollo-delivery
EES – Emission Extraction System
Powder Max – powder-spray
3 pressure stages electronically controlled air cabinet
High-pressure compressor for setting pneumatics
Press raised 450 mm
Air-cooled machine

Estado de la máquina:

Detalles de la oferta:

Tamaño de la hoja: B1 (100 cms/40")
Número de impresiones: 96 Millones
Número de referencia del distribuidor: 9011