KBA Rapida 162A-8 SW4 FAPC

Fabricante: KBA
Modelo: Rapida 162A-8 SW4 FAPC
Colores: 8
Año de fabricación: 2006
ubicación: Other
Más información sobre la máquina:
Más información sobre la máquina:: KBA ErgoTronic Lithoflash ColorControl (Inline colour measuring system) ErgoTronic ACR (Automatic and exact register checking and correction) KBA Monitoring Control by 5 cameras (Feeder, Perfecting, Delivery) KBA Densitronic-S (Densitometric and photometric measuring system) Preset on Feeder and Delivery (Automatic Paper Size and Thickness Setting) FAPC (Automatic and semi-Auto Plate Mounting) Cocking Register (Remote setting of lateral, circumferential and diagonal Register) CleanTronic Automatic Washers (Inking Rollers, Plates, Blanket and Impressions Cylinders) Pre-connected to CIP3 VariDamp-Delta Dampening Baldwin CombiLiner 35.0 W Central Refrigeration System KBA Cabinet for Filtration System of the dampening solution Feeder with Suction-belt feed table Pneumatic Side lay and Front lay Detector Multiple-sheet detector (Ultrasonic, Capacitive) Drum Varispeed KBA Ink Temperature Control KBA Colortronic Ink keys Venturi (Air Transfer System) Chromed Cylinders Graphometronic Pin Register PerfectJacket (replaced by new in 2016) Delivery with AirTronic (Zone Air Adjustment) Cooling of electrical cabinet 2 pieces of elektro mechanical double sheet detectors Kersten antistatic high performance feeder KBA Manual Nonstop feeder manual version Inking unit temperature control with ductor cooling Technotrans Beta C Combi cooling device Technotrans Beta F Filter Nonstop non descending delivery Wekp AP232 powderspray with ionisation Rietsche AirCenter
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Estado de la máquina:
Estado de limpieza/aspecto general:
  • Tamaño de pliegos:
  • Size 7/7B (160cms/63")
  • Tamaño de pliegos (cm):
  • 112X162
  • Tamaño de pliegos (cm):
  • 120X162
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