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Col-Tec 6 Station Signature Collator (Demo model)

Categoría: Alzadoras
Fabricante: Col-Tec
Modelo: 6 Station Signature Collator (Demo model)
Año: 2019
ubicación: United Kingdom

Más información sobre la máquina:

Col-Tec's showroom Signature Collator for sale. This 6 station model has a maximum sheet size of 350 x 350mm (14 x 14”) and is fitted with deep pile auto-tilting tables and programming for multiple feeding and automatic miss sheet correction. The Col-Tec Signature collator is designed for efficiently collating folded sections as well as any type of flat sheet stock. Top speed up to 6,000 cph and the machine can be demonstrated live or we will gladly run your stock and produce a film presentation for you to view.

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