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Copy of Muller Martini Star Perfect Binder

Categoría: Encuadernadoras rusticas de cola caliente o cola PUR; Encuadernación en rústica
Fabricante: Müller Martini
Modelo: Starbinder
Año: 1985
ubicación: United States

Más información sobre la máquina:

1985 Mueller Martini Perfect Binder
The model of the feeders is: Type 3006-20
The model of the stations: Type 272
The model of the 3 knife trimmer: Type 3670
The model of the rebuilt glue pot: Nordson Series 3900
Thousands of Dollars in New Parts
Perfect Binder - Worth So Much More
“This is a Muller Martini Star Perfect Binder, Model 3006-20, 24 Station, 20 Pocket Binder with Milling, Gluing, Cover Feeder, Nipping Stations. Approximately 75 feet. Drying conveyors, 3 Knife Trimmer and Stacker. Speed up to 6000 books per hour. Used to gather, glue, apply covers or L/L books. Can bind books up to 2 1/4". Recent glue pot rebuild, $40k in NEW spare parts comes with binder.

Estado de la máquina: