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Etirama Superprint 350

Categoría: Rotativa de etiquetas
Fabricante: Etirama
Modelo: Superprint 350
Año: 2018
ubicación: United Kingdom

Más información sobre la máquina:

Etirama Superprint 350

Print width: Max. 350mm / Min. 200mm
Maximum substrate width: 360mm
Maximum mechanical speed: 120 meters/minute

Tension control between print modules (INFEED and OUTFEED)
Tension control in die cut station (OUTFEED)
Maximum coil diameter of unwind and rewind: 800mm (maximum weight: 140 Kg)
Unwind tension control with pneumatic brake + load cell
Rewind tension control with pneumatic clutch + manometer
End of bobbin sensor
Web guide electronic and ultrasonic

Transmission system by means of shielded transmission box and shaft between the print stations and the die cut station.

8 flexo print stations
Anilox rotation and throw-off of plate cylinder when press is in stand-by.
Individual operation panels for each printing unit.

2 rotary die cut cylinders (double die cut station)
Anvil rollers with 100mm diameter
Longitudinal cut system, independent, with circular-knife slitters
RD Scorer unit with 2 Holders and blades by OEM supplier – ROTOMETRICS
Magnetic cylinders gear sizes 71 80 88 96 122 130 Z
Waste Rewind with compactor arm
2 Hydra Jack Assembly 11-170 including cam locks.

08 UV dryer model S360 (supplier OEM - UVTECH)
Power: 330 Watts/inch
Individual electric cabinets per each dryer
Operates in synchrony with the printing speed (automatic)
Air cooling system (exhaustion motor included)

08 hot air dryers
Dryers coated with insulating materials, equipped with infrared resistors
Air blowing and exhaustion system, and independent heat adjustment (each printing unit)

- Installed on drawer-style rail, with rails in print stations #1 and #2.

- Installed only in the first printing station
- Required the use of the web turn bar simultaneously.

1 system to print Cold Foil to be used in a pre-defined print station, consisting of the following
parts: 01 unwinder + moveable foil rewinder capable to work with bobbins of up to 250mm
diameter + fixed nip roll. Mandrels with pneumatic locking for 3” cores.
Equipped with clutch and brake mechanically activated
It can be used (not simultaneously) as a lamination system

1 Video inspection system, non motorized, by OEM supplier Erhardt Leimer.

- 06 ceramic anilox cylinders, hexagonal engraving, by OEM supplier– APEX
1 cylinder with 1,120 LPI; 2.2 BCM (for CMYK printing)
2 cylinders with 1,070 LPI; 2.4 BCM (for CMYK prin2AEFF764FA 3CD61A9EB349072CD50C8Ating)
1 cylinder with 1,015 LPI; 2.5 BCM (for CMYK printing)
1 cylinder with 865 LPI; 2.8 BCM (for line work)
1 cylinder with 405 LPI; 6.1 BCM (for solid printing or varnishing)

- 02 ceramic anilox cylinders, GTT engraving, by OEM supplier– APEX
1 cylinder “L” type (for heavy solids)
1 cylinder “M” type (for heavy solids)

- Plate cylinders with gears (71T) (80T) (88Z) (96T) (122T) (130T), for 67thou-plates & 15thou-mounting tapes), by OEM supplier – ROTOMETRICS
-Tint Mandrel 88T including (Tint Rubber EPDM-White-70 Durometer 3x3.5x18 57-003C)
And (Air Assist Stand Assembly)

- Conveyor for sheets stacking.
- Programmable digital counter and automatic sheet separator.

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