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Goss Community Full Colour Book Press

Categoría: Rotativa periódicos/revista
Fabricante: Goss
Modelo: Community

Más información sobre la máquina:

Goss Community 4 colour Book Press
578mm Cut-off
890mm Web width
1 x Goss Community 4-high tower with:-
Pneumatic controls
Drop down ink ducts
Running circumferential register
Lateral and circumferential register
Ink Levers
Steel platforming and stairs
1 x Goss Community SSC folder for broadsheet, tabloid, quarter fold, and double parallel newspapers with slitting on the RTF and conveyor delivery.
Speed up to 25,000 cph depending upon paper and conditions
1 x Fully automatic festoon reelstand
1 x Water recirculator
1 x Operator console
Motor and drive
Plate bender
Plate punch
Tools etc.
Spare parts package
Full documentation (operator manuals, spare parts manuals etc.)