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Heidelberg CD 74 - 5 + L C 2005

Categoría: Offset de pliegos
Fabricante: Heidelberg
Gama de modelos: CD 74
Colores: 5
Año: 2005
ubicación: Europa Island

Más información sobre la máquina:

2005 Heidelberg CD 74 - 5 + L X
5 colours + coater offset press of size 53 x 75 cm

Counter only 90 Mill
CP 2000
COATING UNIT with chambered doctor blade and Anilox Roller
Extended Delivery (X2)
Ink Temperature Control
Technotrans COMBISTAR central refrigeration
All Automatic Washers
Infra Red Dryer
chromed Cylinders
Speed 15.000 SPH
antistatic device
Weko Powder spray
Steel Plate in Feeder and delivery
Non Stop Feeder and Delivery
Air Transfer System
INKLINE (ink supply system by cartridges)

Machine is equipped at the moment with removable AMS LED-UV System with one powerful lamp and 3 sockets.
Machine is equipped with combi rollers – this configuration allows to print both conventional offset as well as LED-UV jobs

Estado de la máquina:

Detalles de la oferta:

Tamaño de la hoja: B2 (72-4cms/28-29")
Número de impresiones: 90 Millones
Tiene UV:
Número de referencia del distribuidor: IGML/2019/171