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Horizon BQ-160 PUR

Categoría: Encuadernadoras rusticas de cola caliente o cola PUR; Encuadernación en rústica
Fabricante: Horizon
Modelo: BQ-160 PUR / CRB-160
Año: 2011
ubicación: Belgium

Más información sobre la máquina:

automated PUR binder HORIZON BQ-160PUR of 2011 n°003919 Suitable to produce personalized photo book production such as wedding albums and travel albums, for Perfect binding, tape binding and lining binding (for case binding) up to 40mm thickness of book .

The Horizon BQ-160 PUR single-clamp perfect binder satisfies the fast-growing demand for short-run digital photo books and prepared book blocks for case binding, with its PUR adhesive system. True of one book, the turnaround time is wonderfully short and cost efficient (eliminating the need to produce excessive amounts of copies). Economical in size, the BQ-160 PUR works well in small, well-vented spaces.
Max Book Size 350(W) x 300(H) mm
Min Book Size Min. 70(W) x 128(H) mm
Cycle Speed Max.180 cycles / hr

Other features on the BQ-160 include energy-save and auto-off functions, the ability to notch in one or both directions, and an optional carbon air filtration system to reduce adhesive odors. The BQ-160 can produce extremely strong, high quality perfect bound books up to 1.6” thick and at speeds up to 180 cycles per hour. The BQ-160 can handle light to moderate production needs in almost any environment.
Why PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) Glue?

PUR is ideal to use on all types of paper -including coated stock. Other glues dry too fast to accommodate the glossiness of coated paper and cannot penetrate the fibres. What makes PUR different from other glue is that it has a slower reaction time and allows itself to seep into the fibres of coated stock more effectively. Before the BQ-160 PUR, PUR glue required large machinery that had a long set-up time with large amounts of waste if used on short-run production. The BQ-160 PUR now eliminates the need for large format perfect binders8CEA757DA0 1157946E6D45781922E4D5, giving you the freedom to produce as little or as many perfect binded books as needed, yet still capable of handling polyurethane reactive glue.

• Glue type: PUR (Polyurethane Reactive)

• Maximum Book Size: 2.76" x 5.04" to 13.77" x 11.81"

• Maximum Book Thickness: 0.04" to 1.57"

• Maximum Cover Thickness: 2.76" x 10.08" to 17.77" x 25.19"

• Maximum Weight Range: 82 to 302 gsm (22 to 80 lb)

• Cycle Speed: 180 cycles / hr. (120 cycles / hr. for Tape Binding and 100 cycles / hr. fLining Binding)

• Glue Temperature: 100 Degrees to 140 Degrees
Typical Applications?

• Glossy magazines

• Coloured picture books

• Yearbooks

• Photobooks
Why Buy (Operators)?

A graphical icon-based color touch screen is provided for easy set up and navigation. Options for perfect binding, tape binding and line binding can be performed with the touch screen. Durable nipping mechanism ensures strong and clean look. Operator can change nipping pressure, nipping height, nipping time, nipping waiting time and nipping angle. The touch screen allows the operator to control glue amount and cut-off. Teflon coated cassette style glue tank makes cleaning very easy.
Why Buy (Business Owners)?

The BQ-160PUR is cost efficient as it can produce single books without lengthy start-up/set-up times. The dimensions are only 54.0" x 23.9" x 52.8" making it easy to fit in small spaces. For those looking to expand their business in the photobook, magazine or yearbook business the BQ-160PUR is the perfect starting piece.

Estado de la máquina:

Número de referencia del distribuidor: RE999-70080

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