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Horizon SPF-200A

Categoría: Booklet Production
Fabricante: Horizon
Modelo: SPF-200A

Más información sobre la máquina:

except electronics

offer consists of:

- stitcher and folder SPF-200A

Horizon SPF-200A
stitcher and folder:

- format adjustment: fully automatic
- DIN-size and standard fold types: preassigned
- saveable jobs: 200 memories for repeat orders
- stitching heads: 2 - expandable up to 4 stitching heads
- stapling options: topstitching, (side-, cornerstitiching optional equipment)
- ring eylete stitiching: with ring eyelet stitching heads possible

- inlet format:
max. 508x356mm;
min. 180x105mm

- processing strength:
max. 25 pages (80g/sqm)

- clip distance: min. 73mm
- stitching wire: 26 - 28
- production speed: max. 4.800 booklets/h

- power: 230V / 50Hz - 0,68kW
- dimensions: 1.625x810x1.070mm
- weight: 500kg

We can also organize the following for you:

packaging, loading, transport ( by ship or plane) including customs

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Precio: €9900,00
Número de referencia del distribuidor: 22134