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KBA Rapida 162A-5+L CX ALV2

Categoría: Offset de pliegos
Fabricante: KBA
Gama de modelos: Rapida 162A
Colores: 5
Año: 2009
ubicación: France

Más información sobre la máquina:

Top condition and first installed in 2009 <> Varidamp system <> Colortronic consol <> Ergotronic <> Densitronic-S professional <> FAPC Plate change system <> ALV2 Extended delivery <> Hickey-Picker <> inking rollers prepared for printing with IPA <> reduction <> multi-purpose washing system for blankets and impression <> cylinders for conventional inks <> <> automatic washing system for inking rollers <> Winding stand for washing cloth <> varnish supply and cleaning system <> for water-based varnish (Harris & Bruno) with Anilox roller <> crane to exchange the anilox roller <> <> metal suction rings in the delivery (brakes) <> powder sprayer WEKO AP232 with additional air ionization <> <> machine equipped with standard gallery <> additional metal platform; <> compressors under the gallery <> main compressor <> BALDWIN cabinet air cooled <> Infrared and hot air dryers in the delivery section – system GRAFIX <> <> TECHNOTRANS combi refrigeration and ink temp control <> ACR Control Video register <> CX package for cardboard <> up to 1,2 mm stock thickness <> Plate bending device <> Complete with standard accessories, tools, manuals and Books

Estado de la máquina:

Detalles de la oferta:

Tamaño de la hoja: Size 7B/7B (160cms/63")
Número de impresiones: 82 Millones
Número de referencia del distribuidor: 337696