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Müller Martini Acoro A7

Categoría: Encuadernadoras rusticas de cola caliente o cola PUR; Encuadernación en rústica
Fabricante: Müller Martini
Modelo: Acoro A7
Año: 2006
ubicación: Netherlands

Más información sobre la máquina:

Muller Martini Acoro A7 with 9.800 production hours, handfeeding station, 15 stations gatherer 3693/24?, ASAC self adjusting caliper control, jogging element 3643, MM Universo stacker delivery, Acoro A7 22 clamps, Solema Fastbook with autoload, BDC Book Data Center to transfer book size to the binder, milling station, 2 seperate combi spine preparation units, Hotmelt spine glue unit with Premelter, Hotmelt side glue unit with Premelter, PUR spine glue pot with rollers with Primelter, drum cover feeder, 2 nipping stations, laydown delivery, conveyors to Solema tower 50 metres, emergency delivery, MM Merit S three knife trimmer from 2005, Solema giove stacker from 1999

Estado de la máquina:

Número de referencia del distribuidor: MEK16294