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MAN Lithoman IV (32 Pages)

Categoría: Prensas Rotativas Comerciales
Fabricante: MAN
Modelo: Lithoman IV
Año: 2008
ubicación: France

Más información sobre la máquina:

Cut-off = 2 x 630 mm
web direction from left to right
Cut-off 630 mm
Cylinder circumference 1260 mm
web-width 965 mm
Max. Produktion 45.000 revs./h
Machine hours/ rollovers38.502 hours
1 Automatic paper roll feed system, MAN Roland, type AUROload 2.1
1 reel splicer, MEGTEC type D.L.C. 2100 with split support arms and
integrated infeed
1 webbing-up device, manufactured by MAN Roland
4 double printing units with PPL, with buzzle wheel, with blanket washing
machine, make Oxy Dry, with color supply Technotrans
1 dampening circulation system, make Technotrans, type delta.d 400 W
1 hot-air drying unit with integrated thermal exhaust air cleaning system,
MEGTEC, System Type Dual dry TNV 135-1066, with 15,3 m dryer length
1 cooling unit, MAN Roland with 6 cooling rollers
1 chill roll cleaning system, MAN Roland / Baldwin (1st chill roll)
1 humidifier unit, make ELTEX, type Webmoister 70 XR
1 single-web folding structure
with silicone device, manufactured by MAN Roland / Weko
with two pairs of angle bars
with color register control, MAN Roland ColorRegister Control S
with cut register control, MAN Roland CutControl C
with combined longitudinal adhesive and folding aid device,
manufactured by Robatech, Type WebTack with 3 application heads
with one (1) former
1 folder, System 2:5:5:3, basic folder with intermediate piece and two
second longitudinal folders (3rd folder) for collective production or double
production with product combination:
Production of two second longitudinal folds on the F20114A7F1 5748941613D6D1471872E3lower A4 liner.
A complete 5-part cross folding group for DIN A3 production as well as A4
production folded over head.
1 Mechanical and electrical drive equipment
1 Pecom Basic and Pecom Extended (software and hardware)
1 Pecom printnet pressport features pressport - ImageDataInterface (IDI)

Estado de la máquina:

Número de referencia del distribuidor: 332207

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