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Miehle V-50

Categoría: Tipografía
Fabricante: Miehle
Modelo: V-50
ubicación: United States

Más información sobre la máquina:

We have a complete letterpress shop.
Includes these 4 V-50 presses plus a lot more.
We have 4 V-50's in the same plant.
2 of these presses are in good running condition.
2 of these presses are used for parts.
There are 4 Heidelberg 10x15 windmills (2 of these have foil)
A Kluge with foil
Interype with quader and some 60 different fonts of type.
Proof presses
2001 Osaka 6 pocket, cover feeder, stitcher, 3-knife trimmer.
2001 MBO B26, 4/4/4 w/Z2 knife folder.
Contact Pike for further information. 916-408-0920

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Tamaño de la hoja: SRA3 (46cms/18")
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