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Categoría: Finishing
Fabricante: Petratto
Modelo: CORDOBA 3D
Año: 2013
ubicación: Belgium

Más información sobre la máquina:

Die creasing and perforating machine PETRATTO CORDOBA 3D of 2013 model CORDOBA-D typ BA+F matr. n°021-308 with shingle delivery SC10 typ 500 matr. N°021-309, single belt and pressing roller .

Cross Knife Creasing and Buckle Folding Machine for the production of enhanced quality covers (for saddle stitching and perfect binding) folders and leaflets, with flaps folded and products difficult to bend as flap folders or wallets products. The integrated creasing system provides a superior finish quality and this even in the bad sense of casting paper. Creasing knife eliminates the problem of cracking especially on products with high weight products or surfaced paper / cardboard (varnish, film ...). The knife has a consistency in creasing and provides the highest quality without damaging the material. Quick Sets can produce profitably especially with small and medium runs.

Mode of operation :

Sheets are introduced by a pile feeder in to the angled-belt infeed, aligned and passed to the creasing station. A photo-detector registers the front edge of the product and the computer controlled drive moves the product to each of the cross-creasing positions set on the control panel. Then the product is passed into a special buckle folding unit where it is folded accurately on the crease lines. Size change is very quick, many settings being done via a keypad or digital readouts.

Standard equipment

Digital connection with all Petratto machines

Pile feeder

Upper and lower belts register table

Programmable creasing, perforating, cutting, etc.

Knife creasing and transversal perforation device

Kit for reverse creasing

Wheel for creasing, longitudinal perforating and punching

Belt system for different types of works

Cranks which allow the operator to open the pocket more easily

Folding unit equipped with V pockets which can fold sheets of high grammage and paperboard

Stream delivery with a single receiving belt and a pressure roller

Options supplied :

BAZ: second knife creasing and perforating station
BA06: longitudinal and circular perforation-creasing with programmable lengths
BA07: transversal perforation with up and down plate in replacement of the knife creasing for continuous or alternating perforation - size max. 350 mm
BA19: gate fold attachment

Technical specifications :

Paper specifications

- Size min : 200x150 mm - max : 1200x510 mm

- Creasing length: 510 mm

- Weights crease / fold: max. 120 ÷ 450 gr - min. 60 ÷ 500 gr

- Useful thickness crease / fold: max.0.16 ÷ 0.65 mm - min. 0.1 ÷ 0.8 mm


- Thickness of the creasing blade: 0.53/0.71/1.05 mm

- Number and size of adhesive matrices: 3x0, 8/1/1, 3/1, 5 mm

- Number of possible creases with an adhesive matrix: 1,000,000

- Matrix quick replacement: 2

- Number of creases possible on a sheet: 36 (option 120)

- Repetition of a crease in the same position: Yes

- Time min. / Tolerance between two creases: 0.1 / 0,015 mm +

- Automatic compensation (cut change): 0 ÷ 300 mm

- Creasing pressure: 40 ÷ 500

- Speed and acceleration between the creases: programmable


- Folding rollers diameter: 70 mm

- Integrated deflectors on the pockets: yes

- Length of the first and second folding : min. 50 ÷ 650 - max. 60 ÷ 650


- Programmable memory: 60

- Speedometer, programmable packet batch counter, data input to Monitor, double sheets and paper alignment's controls, detection of an unfinished work in production and automatic stop the output


- Compressed air needs: 6 bar

- Compressed air consumption: 10 L '

- Capacity of suction and blowing : 40 L'

- Automatic stop suction and discharge feeder if idle for 10 sec.

- To activate the static air: manual

Installed power: 4 Kw (50-60 Hz)

Machine weight: 900 kg

Dimensions: 520x120x165 cm

Estado de la máquina:

Número de referencia del distribuidor: RE250-25005