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Polar 115 ED Flowline

Categoría: Guillotinas
Fabricante: Polar
Modelo: 115 ED Flowline
Año: 1996
ubicación: United Kingdom

Más información sobre la máquina:

Stainless steel central air table with blower
Stainless steel side air tables Left & Right with air ‘skirt’ round operator
Computer programme with memory bank
2 speed back gauge
Keyboard programming with static back gauge
Gripper margin adjustment for each programme
Compensator for print variation
Variable pressure clamp
Illuminated cutting area
2 high speed steel knives
I.R. light beam guarding
Including tools & manuals

1996 Polar L600 pile lift
1996 Polar RAB 5 jogger with air removing roller
1995 Polar TR LE L 145-4 Automatic down loader to the Left

Estado de la máquina:

Número de referencia del distribuidor: 9862