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Polar 137 AT XT Flowline

Categoría: Guillotinas
Fabricante: Polar
Modelo: 137 AT-XT
Año: 2007

Más información sobre la máquina:

High speed cutting line with ‘Autotrim’

Autotrim allows the front table to move out during cut cycle for trimmed paper waste to fall into a bin or extraction system.

Equipped with:

- Frequency controlled drive motor
- Variable speed back gauge
- Microprocessor control
- Colour display with operator guidance graphics
- Variable pressure clamp for various stocks
- Central chrome air bed
-2 x chrome air side tables with air skirt round operator
- 2 Original Polar Knives
- Knife changing device
- Rear Table Guard
- I.R. light beam guarding
- FFM Guarding


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Número de referencia del distribuidor: BBR 55901