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Presstek 34 DI - X

Categoría: Máquinas para impresión digital
Fabricante: Presstek
Modelo: 34 DI X
Año: 2007

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Presstek 34 DI - X
Offset Digital Press
Purchased reconditioned October 2014
Waterless DI press design offers superior colour range and definition
High resolution printing up to 300 lpi @ 2540 dpi
An optimal solution for short and medium run lengths4
Certified Pre-Owned model
Set and forget plate media - insert digital media after 28 print jobs
Maximum Print Speed 7,000 sheets per hour
Sheet Thickness 0.0024” – 0.02” (0.06 – 0.5mm)
Maximum Sheet Size 13.39” x18.11” (340 x 460 mm)
Minimum Sheet Size 3.54” x 3.94” (90 x 100 mm)
Image Resolution 2540 dots/in (100 dots/mm)
Imaging Time 4.5 minutes (X model)
Automated Changeover 10 minutes (X model)
Ink Zones & Ink Rollers per Unit 11 ink zones / 15 ink rollers
Form Rollers per Unit 4
Feeder Universal
Feeder & Delivery Pile Capacity 15.75” (400mm)
Presstek Certified Pre-Owned 34DI
Without ECO-UV, can be added.
Full and complete
Inspection welcomed
Available immediately

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Número de impresiones: 17 Millones
Tiene UV: