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Col-Tec 6 Station Signature Collator (Demo model) Alzadoras
Categoría: Alzadoras
Col-Tec's showroom Signature Collator for sale. This 6 station model has a maximum sheet size of 350 x 350mm (14 x 14”) and is fitted with deep pile auto-tilting tables and programming for m...
Col-Tec 4 Station A2 Deep Pile Collator Alzadoras
Categoría: Alzadoras
Col-Tec 4 Station A2 collator complete with pallet based deep pile feeders to the floor and in-line delivery conveyor. Only just on the market and located in our premises and available for d...
Categoría: Alzadoras
Ref:10125. 2017 Col-Tec B3 Collator. Horizontal off-line machine for calendar, book, forms and samples production. Comprising; 8 x B3 size low pile hoppers with suction feed Electro...