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Col-Tec 5 Station B3 Deep Pile Feed Collator  Alzadoras
Categoría: Alzadoras
Col-Tec 5 station B3 deep pile feed collator for sale. Will collate all types of flat sheet and folded section stock and an extensive selection of optional extras enable the collator to cov...
Col-Tec 6 Station Signature Collator (Demo model) Alzadoras
Categoría: Alzadoras
Col-Tec's showroom Signature Collator for sale. This 6 station model has a maximum sheet size of 350 x 350mm (14 x 14”) and is fitted with deep pile auto-tilting tables and programming for m...
Col-Tec 8/16 Station A3/A4 Alzadoras
Categoría: Alzadoras
We are pleased to offer: COL TEC 8/16 Station A3/A4 Duplex Collator Year 2003 Reconditioned 2015 45 x 35cm 50-60mm Pile depth 2,200 cph Machine full and complete good working orde...