Máquinas usadas Corte y Encuadernación

Polar 76 EM Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
1987 - Polar 76 EM (Ref.No. 1003896) Ausstattung: -NO Photocells
Polar 76 EM Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
1987 - Polar 76 EM (Ref.No. 1003895)
Polar 92 EM- Monitor Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
1987 - Polar 92 EM-Monitor (Ref.No. 1003894) Equipment: - Side-table with air, left - Side-table with air, right - Monitor
STAHL TF56.3/4-4-4-RF-N Plegadoras de papel
Categoría: Plegadoras de papel
buckle plate folding machine STAHL TF56.3/4-4-4-RF-N of 1987 n°104417-235075 with RF rotary feeder, max. size : 56x95 cm - min. size : 14x18 cm 1st unit with 4 buckles 2nd unit with...
Perfecta Seypa 115 UC Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
Full function programme Light barrier
Stahl TF 66 4/4 Plegadoras de papel
Categoría: Plegadoras de papel
OPTIMATIC Gluing system Noise hoods 1st Unit – 4 pockets TF 66/4 2nd Unit – 4 pockets TF 56/4 SBP M 46.D upright sheet delivers with pressing station and connecting box Built 1999 N...
Perfecta Seypa 132-3 Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
PERFECTA 132-3 (Maximum cutting width of 132 cm) YEAR CIRCA 1987 (serial no 47519) # AIR BED # BEAM GUARDS ORIGINAL TAPE PROGRAMS # ONE SIDE LIFT # SPARE BLADE IN GOOD WORKING ORDER # C...
Bobst SP 102-E Troquelado
Categoría: Troquelado
BOBST SP 102 E 1987 • 37,334 working hours • Max size 102 x 72 cm • Min. size 54 x 44 cm • Max speed 7500 c/h • Center line, millimeter adjustment • Nonstop in feeder end d...
Categoría: Máquinas de tapa dura
Kolbus RB book black gluer, Kolbus FN book nipper, conveyer and starwheel to Kolbus BF, with gauzing station with 1st glue station, head and tail banding station with 2nd glue station, cove...
Polar 92 EM Monitor Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
Polar 92 EM Monitor, Year 1987 Guillotine, Size 92 cm Equipped with: . Digital Program with Monitor . Photo-Cell . Air Table Machine in very good running Condition
Polar 137 EMC Monitor Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
Reference Num.: 3559 Brand: Polar Type: 137 EMC Monitor Construction year: 1987 Available: directly Status: In production Location: Germany Cutting Size: 30 mm Equipment: - Polar jogger - P...
Bobst SP126 BMA Estampada en caliente
Categoría: Estampada en caliente
- Max Speed 5,000 sph - Non-stop delivery - Antistatic - Two Honeycomb - 6 Foil Streams max - 16 Heating Zones - Foil Reel Size Max 215mm - Foil Reel Size Min 30mm - Plinth 300mm -...
Stahl SAK 66.3 single belt delivery Plegadoras de papel
Categoría: Plegadoras de papel
Stahl SAK 66.3 Single belt delivery
Polar Lift L600/3 Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
This lift is in good working condition
Polar Transomat Downstakker 185/6 Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
this transomat mat is in working condition and can de seen in Kolding Denmark
Wohlenberg 115 microcut Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
This machine is rebuild and modernized/ Upgraded, it has microcut computer and programable cut monitor