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Polar 155 EM Monitor with TRANSOMATs Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
Great Opportunity for this automated cutting line: programs air table Transomat Loader Transomat Unloader seriall equipment
Bobst SP 142 E Troquelado
Categoría: Troquelado
Sheet size max: 1420x1020 mm Sheet size min.: 700x500 mm Platen pressure max.: 600t. Production speed: 6500 sheets/h. Working hours/ impression total: 46.000 hrs Universal feeder <> Fee...
Polar 92 EM Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
Digital program Air table and 2 sides tables Light guards 2 Knives Cleaned and checked
1991 STAHL T36-4  Plegadoras de papel
Categoría: Plegadoras de papel
1991 STAHL T36-4 4 Page Machine, Flat Pile Feeder, Batch Counter, Air Compressor, Shingle Delivery G10587
Perfecta 92 UC Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
M Cut,programs, Air tables
 JAMES BURN   BB61 Mk3 Calendar production
Categoría: Calendar production
Ref:10150 . 1991 JAMES BURN BB61 Wire-O’ / Twin Loop Binder. Booklet and calendar binding machine. Hand feed area with foot operated machine control. BB61 Mk3 Auto clo...
Pivano 108 Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
Horizon SPF-10ll FC-10II BAS 350/16 Booklet production
Categoría: Booklet production
offer consists of: - stitching and folding SPF-10II YOM: 1991 - frontcutter FC-10II YOM: 1996 - press stacker Desta BAS 350/16 Horizon SPF-10II stitching- and folding: - format...
Brehmer 880 M21 Alzadoras
Categoría: Alzadoras
This machine is in good working condition and can be seen in Denmark in Production until 15 April 2020
Müller Martini Starbinder (3006) Encuadernadoras rusticas de cola caliente o cola PUR; Encuadernación en rústica
Categoría: Encuadernadoras rusticas de cola caliente o cola PUR; Encuadernación en rústica
MULLER MARTINI Starbinder 3006/20 perfect binder. Muller Martini Merit Trimmer three knife Muller Martini 894 side stitching unit Size max 420 x 305 x 60 mm min 140 x 100 x 2 mm line F...
Muller Martini 3670 Trimmer Guillotinas trilaterales
Categoría: Guillotinas trilaterales
The Muller Martini 3670 is an ideal in line trimming solution with Muller Martini Starbinder and Muller Martini Monostar perfect binders.
Kolbus PKPK 101 Case production
Categoría: Case production
KOLBUS PKPK 101 BOARD CUTTING LINE, 1991 pallet feeder, 2 directional board cutter, Max format 1200 x 1100 mm, Min format 500 x 640 mm, 30 cycles/min, New Computer and electrical sy...
Polar Jogger RB 2 Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
checked & cleaned Jogger RB2 Format 87 x 72cm - mechanical height adjustment - tilting mechanism for table - hinged flap right - hinged flap left 380V - 2.2A - 50Hz/Cycl - Phase 3
1991 POLAR 76EM  Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
1991 POLAR 76EM Computer Programme + Digital Display, Air Bed, Light Guard, Spare Knife, Knife Changing Equipment G10038
Müller Martini 1509 Cosedoras embuchadoras; Encoladoras / Fresadoras
Categoría: Cosedoras embuchadoras; Encoladoras / Fresadoras
offer consists of: Müller Martini Saddle stitcher 1509 4 stations stitching unit trimmer
Theisen Bonitz TB Sprint 307 + 303 Booklet production
Categoría: Booklet production
Reference Num.: 3532 Brand: Theisen Bonitz Type: TB Sprint 307 + 303 Construction year: 1991 Available: directly Status: In production Location: Germany Equipment: - size up to 350 x 500 mm...
Horizon AC-8000 S SPF-10ll FC-10ll Booklet production
Categoría: Booklet production
offer consists of: - collator AC-8000 S (YOM: 1991) - stitching and folding SPF-10II (YOM: 1991) - frontcutter FC-10II (YOM: 1992) - short conveyor collator AC-8000 S - bins: 8...
Kolbus PK/PK 2 directional board cutter Case production
Categoría: Case production
completely changed electronic system very good condition telescopic delivery with palletizer 2-way PK 101 board cutting
1991 Polar 76 EM Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
- Digital programming - Central air table with side tables - Hydraulic - Light guards
Guk 52/4 KTL Plegadoras de papel
Categoría: Plegadoras de papel
feeder : Flat pile feeder buckles : 4
Polar RAB 5 jogger Guillotinas
Categoría: Guillotinas
Polar RAB-5 jogger, equipped with air removal roller Left and right exit Suitable for B1 paper size 70 x 100 cm Table size 90 x 114 cm
Horizon AC-8000 S Alzadoras
Categoría: Alzadoras
offer consists of: - collator AC-8000S AC-8000S (collator) - bins: 8 - Format: max: 318x470mm, min: 148x210mm - missfeeding-, doublefeeding and jamming control - integrated jugge...
Bickel TS 3 perforating and die-cutting machine  Troquelado
Categoría: Troquelado
Bickel TS3 cutting, die-cutting and perforating machine Equipped with: - Wahli feeder with products magazin - infeed to 1st perforating / die-cutting unit - infeed to 2nd perforating...