Máquinas usadas Setmasters

Setmasters 14 Station A3 Portrait Alzadoras
Categoría: Alzadoras
14 Station A3 Portrait model ideal for a wide range of flat sheets and folded section collating. Easy and comfortable machine to use with miss and double sheet detectors ensuring an accurate...
Setmasters 10/20 Station A3/A4 Alzadoras
Categoría: Alzadoras
10/20 Station A3/A4 Setmaster Collator. Suitable for a wide range of flat sheet collating. Various stacker options are available.
Setmaster 6/12 station A3/A4 Duplex Alzadoras
Categoría: Alzadoras
6 station A3 Setmaster with a maximum sheet size of 450 x 350mm. These feeders can be split to collator 12 x A4 or smaller items. Please ask for further details.
Setmaster 6 station B4 Alzadoras
Categoría: Alzadoras
Small suction feed Setmaster collator ideal for business forms or general collating work up to a maximum sheet size size of 250 x 350mm. The collator will be supplied refurbished by the manu...
Categoría: Alzadoras
10 Station Deep Pile Collator, Jogger Delivery