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Watkiss Powersquare

Categoría: Booklet Production
Fabricante: Watkiss
Modelo: Powersquare
Año: 2011
ubicación: United States

Más información sobre la máquina:

“The following is taken from the manufacturer’s website. Please use the information as a generic guide only:

A unique and innovative ‘complete book making system’

The Watkiss PowerSquare 200 is a unique and innovative complete book making system for digital and offset print applications. In a single machine it combines the four processes of stitching, folding, spine forming and trimming to produce SquareBack books up to 200 pages thick. It features fully automatic settings for different book size and pagination, including variable stitch leg length for varying book thickness.

The maximum book thickness, of 10mm (200 pages 80gsm), is double that of alternative conventional booklet making machinesCF4E93F73F DAE58AA63614CEEF90EC3C, so it is ideally suited to higher paginations or to thicker stocks. This makes the Watkiss PowerSquare 200 a fast and cost effective alternative to perfect binding or tape binding. Digital print applications frequently use heavier stocks and need the flexibility to produce a wider range of finished books from a single process, with little or no operator intervention - the new Watkiss PowerSquare is a perfect match.

SquareBack Books

The finished SquareBack books have the superior square-spined appearance of a perfect bound book, but with the security of a stitched spine. They lie flat and are easy to pack, stack and handle. There is no risk of loose pages and you can print on the spine.

Consistent, Quality Stitching

The PowerSquare has a single stitch head which inserts one to six stitches in the spine of the book. The stitch head and clincher are static - the sheets move to the stitch, not vice versa. This means the stitch head and clincher never have to be moved, so alignment and stitch quality is consistently good.

Space-saving, Ergonomic Design

The PowerSquare has a very small floorspace requirement - significantly less than alternative book finishing methods. What’s more, when operating online to a printer, the finished books are delivered close to the normal operator position - not several metres‘down the line’.

Easy to Use

The PowerSquare is extremely easy to use. Simply enter the job parameters (paper size, book thickness and number of stitches) into the touch-screen and press ‘start’. The PowerSquare automatically sets the stitch position, the wire draw length (the stitch leg length), the amount of spine form required and the trim dimension. To make repeat jobs easier still, you can save the settings, each with a unique name, for instant recall when required.

Online or Offline

The PowerSquare is available in online or offline configurations. Online versions include automatic sheet rotation to suit the book making process whilst maximising printing speed. For offline applications, a high speed sheet feeder can be connected, or the Powersquare is available as a hand-fed model providing a flexible book making solution which is instantly ready.”

Estado de la máquina:

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