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Mitsubishi Diamond 1000 6 TC ED

Catégorie: Machines offset à feuilles
Fabricant: Mitsubishi
Gamme de modèles: Diamond 1000
Couleurs: 6
Emplacement: United States

Plus de détails sur la machine:

2003 Mitsubishi Diamond D 1000 LS-6 TC ED 20.5” x 28.375” Six color with tower coater, 15,000 IPH, SAPC, Anilox coater, X-Rite Scanner, Automatic Paper Preset System, Automatic Printing Pressure Preset, Automatic Ink Roller Wash-Up, Front Lay Remote Control, Baldwin Global Impact Blanket Washers, MHI Delta Dampener System, Ink Vibrating Roller Cooling (3 per unit), MHI Ink Ductor Remote Control, Ink Oscillating Rollers On/Off Remote Control, Stack Aligner in Delivery, Dead Point Remote Control, Diamond Link III Press Control Interface, Modem Diagnostic Connectivity, GTI D5000 Viewing Lamp mounted on COMRAC Console, Grafix Digitronic Powder Sprayer, Grafix IR/HAK Dryer Package, Baldwin Coater System, AWS Combination Chilled vibrators with recirculaters. All manuals. Approx. 173 mil revolutions or 114 Mil Impression

État de la machine:

Détails de l'offre:

Taille de la feuille: B2 (72-4cms/28-29")
Nombre d'impressions: 114 des millions
Coucheuse: Oui