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KBA Rapida 142-6+L ALV Hybrid IR+UV

Catégorie: Machines offset à feuilles
Fabricant: KBA
Gamme de modèles: Rapida 142
Couleurs: 6
Année: 2004
Emplacement: Germany

Plus de détails sur la machine:

- Colortronic Control
- Nonstop feeder, manual incl. 2 pallets
- double sheet control
- cardboard feeder
- cardboard sheet guide
- Varidamp dampening units
- BALDWIN Combi cooling device (aircooled) with Ipasonic-Alcohol metering
- ink temperature control
- SAPC Semi Autoplate Change
- roller-, plate-, blanket- and impr.cyl. wash-up device
- Dual wash-up circulation system
- Coating unit with chamber blade and anilox roller
- Harris & Bruno coating supply for
dispersion- and UV-coatings
- UV-Set at the coating unit
- extended delivery 2600 mm
- GRAFIX Hitronic 3000 powder spray
- ACS (Air Cleaning System)
- Dryer RAPID-Dry (Grafix)
- UV-Interdeck dryer between unit 2/3 and 6/L
- IR Thermal air-UV end dryer (3 modules)
- NonStop-Rollo at delivery, lowerable

Machine is equipped with standard ink rollers.

État de la machine:

Détails de l'offre:

Taille de la feuille: Size 6 (140cms/60")ms/55")
Nombre d'impressions: 234 des millions
Numéro de référence du revendeur: M36748