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Komori Lithrone NL628+ED+UV

Catégorie: Machines offset à feuilles
Fabricant: Komori
Gamme de modèles: Lithrone L-28
Couleurs: 6
Année: 2003
Emplacement: Hong Kong

Plus de détails sur la machine:

2003 Komori NL-628 ED+UV
PQC + PDC print density control
AMR Device for paper size and thickness
Ink Roller Cooling + Cooling Device
Blanket Washer (blanket washer and UV light share same interdeck space, can't install uv light and washer in same unit)
Weko AP130 Powder Sprayer
Ink Roller Clutch in 1st+2nd and 6th unit
Sleleton Transfer Cylinder
All hard chrome cylinder
Extend Delivery, No Coater
UV Dryer
3 UV light unit Interdeck, five drawer in interdeck, light switchable between printing units
3 UV light in Delivery

État de la machine:

Détails de l'offre:

Taille de la feuille: B2 (72-4cms/28-29")